"A lot of admin time was being spent on smaller cases and both ORG and agents were losing money on sma..."
"Results to Date: Achieved 57% level of adoption in one year; NiGOs dropped from 80%-6% for life and..."
"The more cutting edge producer, who is computer savvy, can jump on and complete these applications in..."
"The most astounding feedback from agents has been questioning why some carriers don’t offer e-Deliver..."
"We have had success with iPipeline’s forms, illustrations, and iGO solutions. With PolicyHS, our cust..."
"iPipeline’s iGO e-App software and associated products are a success story at Southern Farm Bureau Li..."
"I sent it to him on Thursday. Friday morning he signed it. Monday he did his paramed. I think it was..."
"This has made my life a whole lot easier. No one has to review (applications) and look at them. Just..."
"We want to make sure we deliver the policy as quickly as we can. Your service goes above and beyond...."
"Folks like me like things that are more advanced and help a lot and make things move faster...."

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