"I just want you to know how much we love Intervals. Over the past 7 months we've integrated Intervals..."
Michael Piperno
President and Chief Creative Officer
"The trends report. We look at billable hours versus non billable hours for the past week and the past..."
Adam Landrum
President & CEO
"Intervals is the best agency management tool I’ve ever used and I’ve used at least a dozen. Great job..."
Marc Pitre
"You have no idea how efficient Intervals has made our small ad agency! We get the work done of double..."
Beverly Brown Dees
Ad.In Advertising
"We use Intervals to track time on our fixed price projects, to make sure we aren’t losing our shirts..."
Bob Ruffolo
Founder and CEO
"I’m happy with Intervals, more than you can imagine! Task and time management in an intelligent match..."
Rotger Wesener
Wesener Integrated
"Red Earth is a web development company and I was intrigued by a system written by web developers for..."
Red Earth Design, Inc.
"Intervals helps everyone at Conecture Technologies manage their time more efficiently in order to mak..."
Caitlyn Blizzard
Marketing and Sales Coordinator
"Your team is very responsive and helpful. I am SO happy I found your software and your company. Thank..."
Lisa Elia
Lisa Elia Public Relations
"You have got a great thing going. I am also in web programming (mining systems) and I love your Inter..."
Roux Gerber
"I just spent 60 minutes demoing Intervals to my clients because Intervals has worked so well for us t..."
Eric Garrison
"Intervals meets our tech/development company needs wonderfully. I just wanted to tell you we love Int..."
Cynthia DeStefano
WTE Solutions
"I just wanted to say that having implemented Intervals across our small (20 something) team and chang..."
Mike Potts
Elisa Interactive
"I have no clue how we could handle this many projects without Intervals!..."
Patty Firster
Stream Companies
"We love Intervals. I have been a part of this team for a long time and remember how it was before we..."
Jacie Rivas
Solution Consultant
"I need to bill clients, but when I'm doing administrative work, I'm not making money. I need to spend..."
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