"It very quickly became clear that Cache can handle large amounts of complex information much better..."
August Wick
Owner and CEO
"Using SSDs for key transaction functions has given us another jump in speed for the Caché-based syste..."
Mark Cummins
Head of IT
"Because imsiVOICE-Interactive is based on Ensemble, we can deploy it anywhere. Ensemble lets us conne..."
John Mazur
President, IMSI
"We are very pleased to have InterSystems as a technology partner. As long as they keep introducing in..."
David Hačkajlo
Team leader
"The primary benefit that comes from using Cache is that we have the ability to manage all of our data..."
C. Martin Harris
CIO CLeveland Clinic
"Performance, flexibility, and the ability to quickly generate different dashboards tailored for speci..."
Edwin Sneekes
Director, BagDrop
"Ensemble offers a highly intuitive visual design that addresses the development and management requir..."
Mark DeVault
Director of Clinical Information Systems
"We have been using Cache for long time and we are very happy with its performance, rapid development,..."
Juro Yamagishi
Vice President
"CACHE provides a true bridge from legacy MV applications to a modern, object-oriented database withou..."
Ty Brewer
CIO, Brasher's Auto Auctions
"We can solve the problems of our current healthcare system by working together across the provider an..."
Colt Courtright
Director of Corporate Data and Analytics
"This is a clinical service that coordinates care around the patient, outside of the times when their..."
Julia Riley
Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Clinical Lead
"We never have to worry about having enough resources to provide excellent performance to all our cust..."
George Sirius
"We chose Ensemble because it provides a single, architecturally consistent solution for developing an..."
Mark England
Head of Information Technology
"With its built-in integration capability, TrakCare has provided a smooth and incremental transition f..."
Clemente Ponzetti
Clinical Manager
"For us, InterSystems was the clear winner. There was no question that they had the strongest solution..."
Director/ Physician
"Our value was in putting together device packages and creating a process for installation and setup,..."
Chris Brogan

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