"InterSystems is proud to have such a long- standing and successful partnership with Chess, and we are..."
Nick Abbott
Technical Director
"With the assistance of the n3 solution, which completes the missing structured elements in the listi..."
Sven Feuerschutte
Vice President Valuation, Services with Immobilien Scout24
"Development time is extremely fast maybe half the time needed with our previous interface engine...."
Randy Paruch
Director of Information Systems Holland Hospital
"TrakCare's extreme flexibility was useful – almost all configuration was done via master tables alone..."
Karanvir Singh
Surgeon responsible for HIS implementation
"HealthShare gives RIQI the analytics needed to target cost savings and provide a level of quality-of-..."
Gary Christensen
"Ensemble's performance, robustness, and stability were beyond any doubt the product's strong points...."
Betsy Rabello
Administrative Systems Advisor, Ipiranga
"Because of the connectivity Ensemble gives to WarehouseXT, we can diversify, and grow our customer ba..."
Nick Carter
President, DCC/Woodware Systems
"We are very happy with Cache's rapid Web development, scalability, and high performance...."
Gerd Karnitschnig
Managing Director, SPAR IGT Slovenia, IT Coordinator at ASPIAG
"CACHE provides a true bridge from legacy MV applications to a modern, object-oriented database withou..."
Ty Brewer
CIO, Brasher's Auto Auctions
"iKnow provides solutions for a variety of challenges: You can identify the interesting elements withi..."
Matthes Nagel
Chief Technology Officer
"We’ve seen Designee Alerts positively impact patients and their personal communities by decreasing co..."
Scott Young
Senior Director Product Strategy and Growth
"We view InterSystems data platform as a powerful and comprehensive ‘Swiss army knife’ for development..."
Anthony Gillaizeau
IT Manager
"The Caché database is exceptionally powerful and able to handle very large volumes of data rapidly an..."
Steve Miller
"Ensemble has made a big difference for us. It knits all the information together without the manageme..."
Alison Grice Knott
Manager of Information Security and Integration
"We set the rules and Ensemble goes and gets the pieces of data we want, when we want it, so our users..."
Terry McNatt
"In the past, stores occasionally ran short of goods because the store mangers had to rely on inaccura..."
Günther Kilian
Process Manager

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