"Insightly offers low-cost solutions for SMBs that help us not only better manage customer relations a..."
Patrick Atanasije Pineda
"I have a lot to remember, so Insightly helps me organize all of my company's contacts and project inf..."
Christy Staples
Business Architect, GetLaunched!
"Our goal was to turn our communication into a healthy sales pipeline, and Insightly has helped us do..."
Tom Cooper
Principal Coach, BrightHill Group
"We’ve always had the right data, but getting to it was a challenge. Insightly centralizes everything..."
Matt Vargas
Chief Operating Officer
"We were a small company that grew very rapidly, so we needed a system that facilitated the creation o..."
Susan Sharp
Founding Partner & President
"From an administrator’s standpoint, Insightly is especially useful for reporting and analytics. With..."
Jodie Wozniak
Possibilities Coordinator
"I spend most of my day in Insightly. Whether I’m at my desk or on the go, I have the tools to stay or..."
Yaniv Snir
Director of Possibilities
"Insightly is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that has helped our company streamline back-end proc..."
Jeremy Marion
Vice president of operations
"We’re studying several Insightly features, including dashboards and advanced reporting. As our compan..."
Casey Crane
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
"Insightly is a great platform and delivered immediate value to our business...."
Jeffrey Echt
Software Developer
"Insightly tells us where customers came from, how much they cost to acquire, and which channels are m..."
Spencer Albright
Vice President - General Manager
"In 2016, we formed The Millers Group and acquired a second store in Norwich. The UK music market is r..."
Simon Pollard
Managing Director
"Using Insightly, together with our business managers, we can analyze key metrics and provide appropri..."
Rody van Vianen
Manager of Business Improvement
"Insightly keeps our team in sync and on track so we can manage our deadlines and keep customer satisf..."
Tim Addison
"Our app grew to one of the top apps in the world in just a few months, so it was imperative that we h..."
Peter Cahill
Founder, LifeLine Response
"Our next project is integrating Insightly with Power BI. Doing so will aggregate data from across the..."
William Sutton
Vice President of Business Development

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