"I have a lot to remember, so Insightly helps me organize all of my company's contacts and project inf..."
Christy Staples
Business Architect, GetLaunched!
"It is the most cost-effective and stress-reducing tool that we have at our disposal. We know how frus..."
Erin Mathie
Founding Partner
"For my purposes, Insightly is the perfect package because it’s easy to use and very intuitive. Insigh..."
Russ Thornton
Financial Adviso
"Simply put, Insightly aligns with our core values of earning client trust, collaborating, providing s..."
Tami Stauffacher
Marketing & Merchandising Manager
"Insightly helps us stay on top of key sales metrics, such as opportunity volume, engagement, and thro..."
Emma Roberts
Director of Sales
"Insightly is very important to our business, and choosing it as our CRM was a wise decision...."
Kerry Bradley
"Insightly definitely makes our company more productive. It helps us stay on track, prioritize our wor..."
Kaitlynn Lawyer
Business Segment Manager
"Insightly frees up time for value-added initiatives. Moving forward, we plan to reinvest this time ba..."
Rob Schanilec
Founder & Owner
"Insightly actually listens to its customers and works with us to find creative solutions to sometimes..."
Rita Ward
Overseer of Outbound Telesales
"Insightly is as easy to use as a filing cabinet or a paper clip-so easy, it's Zen-like. Even our non-..."
Morgan Hege
Agent, HealthInsurancePlus.com
"Insightly increases capacity by automating the sales pipeline. As a result, our sales team is able to..."
Ryan Turkienicz
Sales Operations
"Prior to Insightly, we had to manually enter contact records into our CRM. Insightly’s web-to-lead fo..."
Elaina Principato
Marketing Coordinator
"Insightly keeps our team in sync and on track so we can manage our deadlines and keep customer satisf..."
Tim Addison
"We’ve streamlined our order management workflow with Insightly. Insightly projects let us track each..."
Kyndra Roth
Sales Consultant
"Insightly helps me to stay on top of the complexity of writing markets and keep productive as a write..."
Ralph Ambrose
"Activity sets, advanced reporting, and dashboards will be very beneficial...."
Stephanie Juno
Customer Relations Manager

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