"In today’s cost-conscious business environment, Avaya is focused on streamlining business processes,..."
Rich Trapp
Global Data Quality Director
"Informatica’s data quality solution has allowed us to create an information management environment th..."
Derek Johnston
Application Development Director
"As dynamic market conditions continue to challenge legacy systems, LMAX has positioned itself to win..."
Martin Thompson
Chief Technology Officer
"Informatica’s solutions make it very simple to automate and validate product data from suppliers and..."
Thomas Thykjaer
Master Data Architect
"By choosing Informatica for enterprise data management, we’re in a great position to make sure that p..."
Andrew McIntyre
Vice President
"You can’t always predict the kind of data you need to make decisions, as the requirements are usually..."
Hatim Shafique
VP, Customer Success and Operations
"Data is central to our products and services which are focused on cost containment in healthcare. We..."
Cynthia Nustad
Senior VP & CIO
"With the overall improvement in the ETL process made possible by PowerCenter, we benefited from great..."
Gurnam Saini
Assistant General Manager
"The Informatica Platform is definitely paying for itself in terms of time savings for my staff. Any t..."
Ron M’Sadoques
Technical Services Manager, Revenue Cycle Team
"Informatica is key to where we want to go in the future, especially when it comes to getting the most..."
Brian Greminger
Director of Application Services
"Buying decisions are ultimately made online which is why SportScheck partnered with Informatica: to c..."
Alexander Pischetsrieder
Head of Organization and InfoManagement
"Across each of our business units, the ICC and Informatica are helping to reduce data integration tim..."
David Bonnet
Technical Lead
"With Informatica Cloud Data Integration behind our education CRM initiative, we engage with students..."
April Cook
Project Manager
"Through these solutions and by putting LANDBANK’s data to work, the bank is able to reduce risk, enha..."
Gilda E. Pico
President and CEO
"Whichever analyst or customer you speak to, they all agree that Informatica provides universal connec..."
Sam Acuña
Head of Central MIS departmet
"That helps increase competitiveness, grow revenues, and sustain customer loyalty...."
Liduvino S. Geron
First Vice President, Strategic Planning Group

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