"Infoblox can help you extend your capabilities and improve resource utilization while simplifying day..."
Paul Hurst
Network Engineer, City of Airdrie
"Since installing Info blox, we have reduced labor costs to maintain the system and eliminated all sin..."
Darin Freeman
Manager, Distributed Systems, Independence Blue Cross
"Our business units are willing to pay for it themselves to have Infoblox capabilities extended into t..."
Chuck Dugan
Lead, DDI
"Infoblox NetMRI is very easy to install and simply understands how the internal network infrastructu..."
Melissa Tebbenkamp
"In one of our provinces we had been having complaints about how long it took pages to load. Those com..."
Hugo Aquino
Vice President of Customer Support
"The appeal of Infoblox was the one-button code updates, branch office solutions, and the integrated I..."
Doug Tamasanis
Chief IT Architect/Director of Networks and Security, Kronos
"With its purpose-built appliance approach, Infoblox is more reliable, secure, and easier overall for..."
Gilles Poisson
Network Director, DANONE
"The Infoblox appliances never go down and even when we perform upgrades, the leases are still handed..."
Richard Conti
System Administrator, University of Pennsylvania
"Solutions such as Infoblox ensure a pleasant shopping experience for customers and a better work expe..."
Joris Beckers
Network Engineer
"It was important to have our core network services products be highly available and managed independe..."
Mike Block
Information Technology Officer
"With Infoblox, the DNS process goes forward with no human intervention. It’s really a breeze...."
Computer- Entertainment Company
Senior Engineer
"With Infoblox, our posture is stronger. Our ability to deploy, manage, and maintain our infrastructur..."
Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company
Senior Enterprise Architect
"We made our decision based on the prior experience of our staff in delivering core network services,..."
Prominent Social Media Company
"One of our greatest challenges is trying to maintain the availability and performance of mission-crit..."
Major Part of U. S. National Defense
Chief of Cyberspace and Network Operations
"Infoblox is the first DNS solution that I’ve ever used that delivered 100 percent of everything as ad..."
Global Financial Services Company
Senior Systems Architect
"We are a large MS campus but there is one thing that needed improvement and that's DHCP. The Infoblox..."
Kevin Partridge
Senior Systems Engineer, West Chester University

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