"Infinio makes efficient use of resources in our VDI environment, right down to the 8 GB of RAM requir..."
Doug Soltesz
VP, Information Systems and Technology, Budd Van Lines
"Virtual desktops make it easier to deploy applications, make changes, and increase stability. Once ou..."
Karen Clark
Chief Information Officer
"What we like about Infinio is that it doesn’t prevent us from using other solutions in our environmen..."
Nathan Manzi
Systems Engineer
"You know that infomercial, ‘set it and forget it’ We’re happy with Infinio and we don’t have to do an..."
Mike Armstrong
Network Engineer
"Infinio is part of our future strategy. Moving forward, we intend to use the solution in conjunction..."
Phil Reed
Technical Director & Lead Architect
"With tiering between DRAM and SSDs, Infinio gave us a 10X ROI on our hardware investment...."
Jeremy Wesley
"Now we have the best of both worlds – the performance we need without the high cost of new storage...."
Daniel Day
Director of Information Associates
"Infinio bought us time, and now it will continue to buy us performance...."
Rob Bartlett
Network Administrator
"I need to get everything I can out of my existing architecture to support the business. What makes In..."
James Hayes
Divisional Vice President of IT
"Infinio solved our problem at one-third of the cost, with no additional hardware and no weeklong inst..."
Justin Bleich
Director of MIS
"Using Infinio gives us all-flash performance on our tried-and-true storage array...."
Michael Custance
"When we compared Infinio to the price points and hardware requirements of its competitors, it was eas..."
Francisco Perez
Senior Systems Administrator at Masergy
"Why spend a lot of money on one isolated shelf of SSDs when you can get that benefit across the envir..."
Sean Lutner
Director of IT Operations at Attivio
"Response times were fast – as low as 170 microseconds – which is even faster than our all-flash array..."
Andy Stowe
Systems Administrator
"It simplified things to put SAP on VMware. Once we installed Infinio, we didn’t have to deal with sep..."
Patrick Donnelly
Senior Network Engineer
"With Infinio offloading up to 99 percent of SharePoint’s I/O requests, all of our enterprise applicat..."
TC Chen
Senior System Engineer

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