"Sponsoring jobs on Indeed delivered...."
Rich Skelnik
Director, Talent Acquisition
"We don’t see Indeed as just a paid service, we see it as a strategic partnership...."
Ann Barrett
Director, eRecruitment & Social Media Strategy
"Indeed was an ideal solution for search marketing...."
Michael Verghios
Digital Marketing Director, Nimbull Digital Marketing
"Indeed makes campaign management simple and flexible...."
Matthew Sagar
Recruitment Manager
"Indeed meets all of our expectations for a very wide range of profiles...."
Marion Verguet
Project Manager of Media & Metrics
"With Indeed we can reach the job seekers we need for roles right across the UK...."
Sharad Kanwar
Resource Officer
"Time to fill is very important and quality candidates are just a click away on Indeed...."
Craig Hubbuch
Recruitment Manager
"Indeed was the most productive recruitment source in terms of ROI in our SEO/SEM strategy...."
Michele Porfilio
Strategic Sourcing Leader
"Indeed Apply is easy to manage and low maintenance...."
Fiona Brady
Recruitment Marketing Specialist
"The quality of candidates from Indeed is excellent...."
Sharon Kropf
Director of Business Support Services
"Indeed is one of our core quality applicant attraction sources...."
Richard Bunkham
E-Recruitment Specialist
"With Indeed, we receive the quality candidates we need...."
Nick Gilmour
General Manager
"Indeed definitely has helped bring down our average cost per hire...."
Lisa Hart
Talent Acquisition Manager
"Indeed supports our talent management strategy end-to-end...."
Wesley Le
Recruitment Manager
"It’s our best source of applicants and hires...."
Keith Royal
Vice President of Staffing
"The candidate traffic from Indeed is twice as relevant as the traffic we get from SEEK...."
Garth Quinn
Recruitment Manager

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