"Indeed has certainly become a major player in the war for talent...."
"The outstanding quality and consistent volume of candidates makes Indeed stand out...."
"Indeed gives us 93% more traffic than our next closest source...."
"We don’t see Indeed as just a paid service, we see it as a strategic partnership...."
"This partnership has been an effective way for Schwab to meet demand while controlling costs...."
"Indeed was an ideal solution for search marketing...."
"Indeed will be our main resource moving forward...."
"The customer experience is amazing. Whatever we need, we’re offered before we have to ask. It stands..."
"Sponsoring jobs on Indeed delivered...."
"Indeed has changed the way my company connects with top talent...."
"Indeed definitely has helped bring down our average cost per hire...."
"Indeed was the most productive recruitment source in terms of ROI in our SEO/SEM strategy...."
"Indeed supports our talent management strategy end-to-end...."
"We’ve demonstrated we can live without the others. We cannot live without Indeed...."
"We always recommend Indeed to our clients because we know that’s where the audience is...."
"Indeed’s presence on search engines made them an obvious partner for us in the recruitment process...."

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