"We love having an agile partner in IdeaScale who is an expert in innovation management so that we can..."
Adam Jaques
Director of Strategic Services and Operations
"We surveyed numerous tools and IdeaScale combined flexible functionalities with a high level of servi..."
Ilaria Baietti
Project Manager
"Millions of people tuned in to watch Curiosity land, and IdeaScale gave them a way to be a part of th..."
Rocky Lind
Information and Communications Coordinator
"Our use of IdeaScale is ongoing, and we have numerous partners that are eager to host their own onlin..."
Katia Albanese
Program Manager
"When it comes to intuitive user engagement and value for cost, IdeaScale’s offering far outstrips Spi..."
Ryan Harrison
Senior Concept Designer
"The product was quick to implement, easy-to-use and administer and the IdeaScale team is responsive t..."
Robyn Cummins
Manager Knowledge Brokerage
"IdeaScale is the easy-to-use platform for both users and administrators. By using IdeaScale we identi..."
Diego Schiaroli
Assistant Manager to Innovation Management
"OneBusAway originally conducted numerous interviews to identify core issues in a variety of focus gro..."
Brian Ferris
"As a team, we were blown away by the response from employees, After our first challenge closed, peopl..."
Kimberly Bikowski
Product Development Innovator
"IdeaScale has enabled us to effectively bring down silos and boost Associate engagement from many min..."
Anastasios (Taso) Melisaris
SD Business Innovation Team Lead
"The best thing about IdeaScale is that we’re hearing from individuals that we had never heard from pr..."
Mike McCaw
"The ideas that were submitted and worked on in IdeaScale, the projects were better than the ideas and..."
Erin Robinson
Executive Director
"We have had over 9,000 ideas shared to date, with more than 600,000 votes, and 17,000 comments from a..."
Julie Cabinaw
Digital Marketing & Experience
"Our use of IdeaScale is ongoing, and we have numerous partners that are eager to host their own onli..."
Michael Reardon
Policy Advisor Team Lead for EmploymentRelated Support Policy
"IdeaScale easily handled the large volume of traffic coming from the website...."
Lena Trudeau
General Services Administration
"The most successful IdeaScale project was for our water research program. We thought this was success..."
Jay Benforado

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