"The HughesON solution gives us the throughput and security we need to support our customers’ growing..."
Drew Martin
"Hughes has been a reliable, trusted partner for more than decade in helping us achieve the goal of ma..."
Largest Multinational Credit Card Company
"As a longtime Hughes customer and user of the HR platform, we are very familiar with its benefits and..."
Maria Fidelibus
Vice President of Technology
"We installed the digital signage to provide educational materials in classrooms, but also as a mechan..."
Alan Hefner
IT Director
"We understand that network challenges occur and also that there isn’t a particular method that is THE..."
Mary Beth Rudel
Public Safety Manager
"We don’t have time for committee meetings. We have to decide and go. The Hughes system helps us knock..."
Doug Grilliot
Race Manager
"When you’re in a checkpoint and able to see that the next team won’t be in for four hours, you know y..."
Alex Olesen
Head Veterinarian
"Hughes technology adds to the education element of the store so customers can trust that they are mak..."
John Jordan
Senior Vice President
"Demand for faster connectivity in our branches just continues to grow. We needed faster performance f..."
Consumer Finance Company
Vice President
"Before MediaTraining, we were spending $35,000/month to send training staff around the country. With..."
MediaTraining Company
"HughesNet got us through our ramp-up phase and exceeded our expectations. The contractor who installe..."
Tim McGraw
Director of Information Technology
"The upload and download speeds were significantly better than what I could get out here. HughesNet al..."
Nick Tusa
Tusa Consulting Services
"It’s a wooded, hilly rural area 10 minutes from Chapel Hill and about 30 minutes from Raleigh. There..."
Ann Lenhardt
Norm’s Farm
"Our church is mostly families, young adults and older people. When young adults grow up, graduate fro..."
Carolyn Hill
Volunteer member
"I’m a big fan of digital communications. This sends messages directly to team members, which makes it..."
Amy DaSilva
Corporate Communications Manager
"We try to stick to our plan, but it changes a lot during the race. We have two to three vets on every..."
Nina Hansen
Head Veterinarian

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