"After months of analyzing alternative infrastructure solutions, we discovered SimpliVity's OmniCube a..."
Jeremy Wheeler
Innovation Architect
"Our research suggest that the idea of infrastructure convergence continues to take hold within the in..."
Simon Robinson
Research Vice President - Storage and Information Management
"Simplivity is an important step forward to achieving a truly software defined datacenter. Specificall..."
Gunther Thiel
Head of Cloud Products and Technology
"We were able to reduce our data center footprint, reduce power costs, and, most importantly, our user..."
Adam Borecki
Systems Analyst
"HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure provides us with a very reliable solution which helps us..."
Benoît Cazenave
IT Director
"Consolidation of physical space and hardware. Simpler to manage...."
Andrew Flatt
"One of the nice things we really liked about the SimpliVity solution was that all administration is d..."
Paul Boutot
"We’ve never seen a solution so powerful that has saved us time and money like OmniCube...."
Patrique Martin
Project Manager, Syntrophos
"The deployment of HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure has really allowed us to save cost and..."
Neal Reardon
"SimpliVity solves our application performance and system administration challenges. The product helps..."
Steven De Prins
Cross Domain Architect
"SimpliVity has allowed us to improve our VM performance and availability, and we can now recover from..."
David Trammell
IT Systems Engineer
"HPE SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure with built-in data protection helps us mitigate risks,..."
Peter Cullen
ICT & data hardware manager
"We are basing our entire business on HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure ‘Convergence 3.0’ a..."
Thomas Simon
President / CEO
"HPE SimpliVity has an extremely high dedupe rate and better performance. In addition, it is faster to..."
Lars-Gunnar With
Operations Manager
"We have been able to increase our operational effectiveness by reducing the number of products the IT..."
Scott Cunningham
IT Manager
"With SimpliVity we improved application performance and consolidated four racks of legacy equipment i..."
Erol Tiriç
IT Director

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