"It has not only brought more transparency to our projects but has also streamlined the way we communi..."
Kemberly McDowell
Director of Project Administration
"Hive has made it so easy for my team to track our work and I can’t imagine going back to the way we w..."
Garth Perry
Assistant Director, Budget Office
"Hive has completely streamlined product management for our team. We would recommend it to any team lo..."
Scott Miller
Project Manager
"The amazing thing with Hive is that they actually make those changes for us – in lightning speed! Hiv..."
Yvette Fevurly
Senior Designer / Project Manager
"Hive gave us the opportunity to create our own personalized views to work our own way. This is not av..."
Dale Bonsor
Content Marketing Manager
"Hive really listens to their customers and incorporates ideas and customer feedback. I try to recomme..."
Lambert Hsu
"Hive was very agile and rolled out a lot of our feature requests. It was especially important that ou..."
Kyra Kuik
Head of Content
"Starbucks couldn’t roll new stores out so quickly without Hive. We have eliminated miscommunication,..."
Brian Collins
Interior Concepts Design Manager
"Having my team in an environment with me where the information is easily digestible and responsive I..."
Stu Spalding
Project Manager
"It immediately became much easier for key stakeholders to just log in and see our progress on the lat..."
Stephanie Lin
Product Marketer
"The ease of use and simplicity of Hive has enabled everyone across our organization to be able to jum..."
Julia Judge
Customer Journey
"With the insights gained through Hive Analytics, we can now make educated and timely business decisio..."
Jerem Curry
Global Head of IT
"I love how I have one place to keep track of all the task and projects I'm working on...."
Gaines Murfee
Product Manager
"I work on Hive daily and it has helped me stay organized and productive. The team at Hive responds qu..."
Jaime Manriquez
Associate Marketing Manager
"Seriously the first project management tool I really love...."
Bianca Padilla
"Finding a project and task management system that actually does what we want it to do felt like a nev..."
Susan Layton
Chief Executive Officer

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