"We are so excited to achieve record global participation with HES. Challenges help our employees take..."
Jennifer Swanson
Health & Wellbeing Specialist
"I’ve lost 8 pounds without dieting. I simply walk 10,000 steps a day and/ or exercise 30 minutes a da..."
Funda R
Delta Air Lines
"I’m relatively young to have osteoporosis but was diagnosed in my early 40s. I have had a few false s..."
Karen D
Delta Air Lines
"Walktober is something I look forward to every year to remind me how beautiful it is outside and how..."
Jerald P
Delta Air Lines
"When I was asked to join a team, I hesitated, not knowing if I would be a good team player by not get..."
Linda T
Delta Air Lines
"Walking has inspired my neighbors, friends, and family to get out there and exercise. Walking with so..."
Paula N
Delta Air Lines
"I thought I was training well. I thought I had a great mood. I thought, and I was wrong! With Walktob..."
Evangelina P
Delta Air Lines
"Now this is what you call great customer service, ya’ll are rocking it!..."
Jennifer D’Urso
County of Riverside
"By working together, we had a greater platform for reaching our populations for health and wellness...."
Rachel Duerr
Colorado School Districts
"I expected it to be a great challenge, but I didn’t expect to get that many people to participate!..."
Samantha Todd
Colorado School Districts
"I work with many vendors on behalf of Delta, and HES has been one of the best to work with...."
Sven Finucan
Delta Air Lines
"HES is truly a great partner!..."
Jennifer Kilbane
Nationwide Better Health
"It’s getting easier and easier to get in the 10,000 steps! The more I walk, the more I want to walk...."
Julie Kill
"I loved HealthTrails ­– it made me very aware of my energy level, the tracking held me accountable, t..."
Julie Reel
"You save us so much time!..."
Tina Parsons
MidMichigan Health
"The program kept me on track and I didn’t feel alone. It was inspiring to read others’ stories/messag..."
Erin Barrett
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