"HCSS products have certainly created a lot better efficiency. HeavyBid was easy to implement because..."
Kevin Nunez
Vice President and General Manager
"It’s a way of communicating without having to dial up and make phone calls...."
Mark Snyder
Fleet Manager
"It’s increased our wrench time quite a bit. I’m probably saying probably 30%...."
Kelly Webb
Logistics Manager
"HCSS Cloud helps us in such a way that we now can ensure all of our bids get submitted, and you can’t..."
Reed Greenhill
"That was easy. Answered on the second ring. I expected a computer to answer and I was kinda shocked a..."
Stan Allen
Ed Bell Construction
"It definitely increased our revenue, increased our market share, and ultimately increased our profita..."
Phillippe Falkner
Operations Manager
"To tell you the truth I’m not sure how we would estimate if we didn’t have HeavyBid...."
Hal Fuglevand
Vice President
"Now we can keep all that information in one area and not have to find something two years later by di..."
John Broderick
Operations Manager
"A couple of those jobs were very profitable jobs for us. They were ones that we believe a lot of othe..."
Doug Teter
Vice President
"They’ll go over the JHA and also do their daily safety inspections. You have your trenching excavatio..."
Cesar Martinez
Safety Manager
"Even internally, you want to have the documentation to avoid the he-said-she-said and be accountable...."
Syd Jones
Estimating Manager
"So when I compare that to the three dollar cost for the app, it’s a no brainer that right there I’m sa..."
Patrick Cummins
Production Engineer
"We’ve had a lot stolen before so we hook HCSS GPS up to our equipment. We actually recovered a truck..."
Dan Nickel
Vice President
"It’s a game changer the way we see it as far as the value you’re bringing back in and a time saver...."
Craig Parker
Exec Vice President
"We had cobbled together all the same things that we’re getting with HCSS Safety, but we had done them..."
Justin Dixon
Director of Corporate Safety
"I would say HCSS Telematics, for us, is the backbone for supporting our maintenance software, and pro..."
Dwayne Kimmis
Equipment Manager

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