"We always want to be using emergent technology and smart software, not just following the old standar..."
AJ Vaynerchuk
"Harvest was very key to helping me start my company – it allowed us to move from a world of managing..."
Sara Holoubek
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
"It’s not only an incredibly useful tool, but it actually made us enjoy keeping track of our time!..."
Naimi Baer
Microloan Review & Translation Director
"It seemed like all of those missing pieces we were looking for were part of Harvest, and over time, t..."
Greg Hoy
"The program we used offered a lot more features and settings. Though, in the end, it wound up being o..."
Ken Beasley
Operations Manager
"Using Harvest has helped us become more proactive as a team. When timesheets are easy to enter, we ha..."
George Eid
"It helps us be transparent. I can provide clients with incredibly detailed lists of exactly what happ..."
David Hudson
"Time tracking has helped us understand that we (and our clients) don’t realize how long it takes to d..."
Meredith Barr
Director of Operations
"It is a rule — an unbroken rule — that every project manager looks every day into Forecast and make s..."
Mischa van Lomm
Senior Project Manager
"When we found Harvest we didn’t even bother with a free trial, we just opened our wallets, and never..."
Rachit Shukla
Chief Executive Officer
"Any type of new project—animation, for example, which is new—that can be potentially a big project in..."
David Maister
"Tracking time allows us to see where we’re spending our time and resources. Some of the programs are..."
Alexandra Jaffe
Translation Program Coordinator
"We handle general reporting on a weekly and monthly basis. We have weekly gut checks on our project b..."
Crystal Ginn
Director of Production
"We looked at expanding our Bing activity and optimising as much as possible in order to see traffic a..."
"I just wanted to officially say thanks for all of your personal efforts in getting this to the pass...."
Adam Askew
Head of Commonwealth and Youth Partnerships — Comic Relief
"2016 saw a lot of business change for James Villas including a new website which launched in December..."
Susie Goss
James Villa Holidays

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