"GutCheck’s platform was fast, affordable, and gave us the answers we needed...."
Jaclyn Tucker
Global Insights Manager, Innovation Insights
"Knowing the big brand environment and now experiencing small brand dynamics, first hand, agile marke..."
Scott Lerner
"By integrating agile into the Design Thinking process I was able to more quickly gain a deeper unders..."
Nicku Bruce
Innovation Manager
"GutCheck did in 6 days what would have taken months of expensive and time consuming research on our o..."
John Emerson
Vice President, Product Providers
"What GutCheck’s agile tool is able to give us in a week or two week fashion helps the company save re..."
Kara Sterner
Director of Innovation
"The insights from GutCheck’s Constellation solution allowed us to receive a deeper understanding of e..."
Tod Dalberg
Director of Brand & Marketing
"We really wanted the perspectives of those who are brand aware, but not just those who are frequent c..."
Lisa LaRouche
Sr. Manager, Category Marketing
"This Suja product line is our number-one revenue driver and makes up the largest percentage of our po..."
Bella Tumini
Brand Manager
"The research has allowed us to focus our brand direction and push forward with production of our labe..."
Gardiner Hammond
"Every time we talked about one-pot cooking, which we thought was really clear, consumers always took..."
Derron Wrubel
Innovation Consulting, Foods Division
"By integrating a qualitative research approach into our process, we were able to develop a full story..."
Major Grocery Retailer
Innovation Manager
"When working within beauty, everything about the product is linked to an emotion, from the product it..."
Gia Calhoun
Global Innovation Insights Manager
"It was invaluable to have people take pictures in the store. The verbatims were amazing, very powerfu..."
B. Aristud
Global Consumer Insights
"The work we did together [with GutCheck] was able to prove that the frame of reference for our produc..."
Brian Ley
Director of Consumer & Marketplace Insights
"With Pre-LinkNow, I can provide brand teams with the confidence that they’re making the right creativ..."
Personal Care Company
Insights Manager
"The phrase that caught my attention the most was the statement about [proprietary term] technology th..."
Major Haircare Company

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