"Since implementing this tool, we have virtually eliminated unauthorized [vehicle] usage all together...."
Adam Beech
President, Pool Agency
"As a result of GPS Insight tracking we are better able to control costs, increase customer service, a..."
Burnett Thackery
Warehouse Manager, Crescent Electric Supply Company
"My company chose GPS Insight because we knew they were striving to achieve greatness in all facets of..."
Shawn Huff
Project Manager
"GPS Insight has proven to be invaluable for Isaac Heating in addressing these and many more issues th..."
Eric Knaak
VP of Service/Fleet Manager, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
"The support staff and sales team are great. They definitely make sure that things are done when they..."
Stephen VanVladricken
IT Administrator
"GPS Insight has saved us a minimum of 10% on our labor costs, since we believe we were losing up to 4..."
Dan Zaharoni
CFO, Cal Building and Maintenance Industries
"Once we got the installations done, we would call in to verify and activate the unit. If there were a..."
Mark D.
First Class Charter
"We wanted to look at the bottom 20% of performers and work on correcting those behaviors. After imple..."
Adam M.
VP of Operations
"Being alerted in real-time by email and having an automated alert sent to the driver has dramatically..."
Joe L.
"We’ve been able to look at many different metrics that we haven’t been able to see before as a compan..."
Zac Shannon
Network Analyst
"We have 5 shops that house equipment and vehicles. Before we head on the road to our districts we can..."
Holly Giffrow-Bos
Fleet Supervisor
"We serve about 8,000 miles of [power] line which feeds out to about 58,000 customers. So we have a pr..."
Phil Beaupre
System Control Manager
"We were able to identify route overlapping with ease it’s all there on a single screen for us to see...."
Shawn Parks
Business Manager
"What sets GPS Insight apart from the rest is the customer service. Whether you are a small fleet or a..."
Erik M.
Fleet Manager
"GPS Insight is so simple to use, both on desktop and via Mobile app. It is very easy to learn and und..."
Krista Miller
The Register Works
"Everything about our experience with GPS insight has been awesome. It was easy to set up and use, has..."
Maddie P
Larkin Landscaping

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