"As a result of GPS Insight tracking we are better able to control costs, increase customer service, a..."
Burnett Thackery
Warehouse Manager, Crescent Electric Supply Company
"GPS Insight not only pays for itself, but will drive financial growth from improved time management..."
Joe DiMarco
Owner, Quik Pik-All Over Towing
"My company chose GPS Insight because we knew they were striving to achieve greatness in all facets of..."
Shawn Huff
Project Manager
"GPS Insight offered more bang for our buck and their service is tested and true...."
Glenn Merrill
Central Dispatch, Dunn Lumber
"We have been able to see current and historical location to address citizen complaints and easily ver..."
Jim Kempton
Assistant Director of Street Operations
"Do not hesitate any longer. The technology is available and will pay for itself when implemented prop..."
Donny Hooper
Director of Public Works, City of Pampa
"Knowing what [service] is coming up and what’s due has helped out tremendously. The service manager i..."
Stephen H.
Culy Contracting
"For all the systems I’ve tested, the [ELD] units are the best units you can use to train a driver. It..."
Cary B.
Project Manager
"We were able to identify route overlapping with ease it’s all there on a single screen for us to see...."
Shawn Parks
Business Manager
"GPS Insight has been by our side every step of the way. The company just didn’t sell the product, but..."
Donna B.
Director of Consolidated
"What sets GPS Insight apart from the rest is the customer service. Whether you are a small fleet or a..."
Erik M.
Fleet Manager
"The State of Louisiana is the first to install GPS tracking devices on all the state’s vehicles. We e..."
Mike S.
"GPS Insight has been an immeasurable help to ensure that our drivers are not only being safe on the r..."
Heidi Vargas
JP Pest Service
"GPS Insight is reliable, helpful, easy to use and understand...."
Silvestre C
"Our company has benefited greatly from using GPS Insight. We are saving money by reducing idle time a..."
Alexandra S.
National Fleet Manager
"GPS Insight is so simple to use, both on desktop and via Mobile app. It is very easy to learn and und..."
Krista Miller
The Register Works

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