"An unforeseen benefit to using GPS Insight is the double digit reduction in vehicle accidents we’ve h..."
Tad Drescher
Manager of Process Improvement and Workforce Management, Cable ONE
"GPS Insight allowed features and alerts to be automated and customized to fit our needs now, and the..."
Nick Choma
Valet Waste
"GPS Insight offered more bang for our buck and their service is tested and true...."
Glenn Merrill
Central Dispatch, Dunn Lumber
"GPS Insight has proven to be invaluable for Isaac Heating in addressing these and many more issues th..."
Eric Knaak
VP of Service/Fleet Manager, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning
"We have been able to see current and historical location to address citizen complaints and easily ver..."
Jim Kempton
Assistant Director of Street Operations
"I can’t imagine that any company that has a fleet of vehicles big or small would not benefit from a t..."
Mike Lawler
Purchasing & Fleet Manager, Western Utility Contractors
"I would advise to look beyond seeing your vehicles on a map and understand the added value in reporti..."
Brad Zimmer
Director, Environmental & Special Projects, West Coast Sand & Gravel
"Once we got the installations done, we would call in to verify and activate the unit. If there were a..."
Mark D.
First Class Charter
"Being alerted in real-time by email and having an automated alert sent to the driver has dramatically..."
Joe L.
"We have 5 shops that house equipment and vehicles. Before we head on the road to our districts we can..."
Holly Giffrow-Bos
Fleet Supervisor
"We serve about 8,000 miles of [power] line which feeds out to about 58,000 customers. So we have a pr..."
Phil Beaupre
System Control Manager
"We were able to identify route overlapping with ease it’s all there on a single screen for us to see...."
Shawn Parks
Business Manager
"GPS Insight offers a great experience, is easy to use, and saves us time and money every day!..."
Matt Medlock
"GPS Insight has been an immeasurable help to ensure that our drivers are not only being safe on the r..."
Heidi Vargas
JP Pest Service
"Our company has benefited greatly from using GPS Insight. We are saving money by reducing idle time a..."
Alexandra S.
National Fleet Manager
"We are happy that you and your team have always been right there to help us with the API integrations..."
Jason C.
Development Manager

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