"We’ve saved money because GoCanvas has made our work more efficient. In fact, it’s been so efficient..."
Beth Weishahn
Plymouth Electric
"This platform is easy to use and is very beneficial...."
Ryan Hutson
Technical Services Director
"A 5-6-7 day process now takes just minutes! Many times before the field technician even pulls out fro..."
Justin Thomas
Vice President
"Inspections that once took 2 hours or more, now take 15 minutes!..."
The Austin Company
"Great professionals to work with, intuitive app, and fast turnaround on requests...."
Sandee Pierce
"A wonderful resource for our field crews to get paperwork completed without having to carry papers an..."
Wendy Nelson
Risk Manager
"we were pure paper. We did not have access to any extremely detailed information. Our ability to for..."
Mace Bourgeois
"We are getting documents completed faster and more accurately...."
Ericka Flores
Business Professional
"Sometimes we have to rein them in...."
Jen Malesky
Director of Corporate Quality
"Coming from a company where everything was on paper, GoCanvas is easy to pick up and very efficient t..."
Mike Krizan
Cumberland Farms, Inc.
"We would print out and lay out every bill of lading document on the floor, and the movers would come..."
Brent Davis
General Manager
"Capturing our technician’s time accurately on Monday mornings was a twoday ritual...."
Chris Kaufman
General Manager
"Having all that accurate information quickly and electronically is so valuable to our business and to..."
Kevin Budinger
Vice President
"Without a platform as flexible as GoCanvas, we wouldn’t have been able to scale our business at the s..."
Lauretta Cunningham
"Since launching GoCanvas, we’ve eliminated almost 50,000 individual forms. The paper cost and product..."
Ed Alencewicz
Director of Retail Excellence
"Easy to use, real time results and reporting, excellent support, and very cost effective...."
Dafydd Jones
IT Manager

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