"I don’t think Forma-Fab will ever grow bigger than Global Shop can handle, so we don’t have to worry..."
Ron Tedder
Director of Operations
"With Global Shop Solutions, we can see costs as they occur. No matter where we’re at in the shop or w..."
Jerry Bolack
Director of IT
"Global Shop Solutions is a complete ERP system that works great for companies that make the same widg..."
Joseph Hogberg
IT Manager
"Before, we had a lot of islands throughout the company, Now we have a country. By that I mean we’re c..."
Cindy Brzezinski
Office Manager
"We usually won the business for less than 50 parts, but we never won the jobs for a thousand parts be..."
Suresh Vaithilingam
"Another big issue was the lack of visibility around open orders. We had no way of running MRP other t..."
George Halages
"It took three people working full-time for two months to tally up the raw materials inventory and add..."
Brooke Mauzey
"Our retiring CEO had a treasure trove of knowledge about the business in his head, and we needed a pl..."
Lance Faulkner
Production Control Manager
"With Global Shop Solutions, we discovered that shipping parts under the same system in which they are..."
Richie Richmond
Forma-Fab Metals
"This GAB program saves a lot of time because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel...."
Rick Yaussi
Vice President of Finance
"We make a lot of custom products. Customers come to us and say, We need a berm or containment tank of..."
Russ Guffee
Vice President
"Customer service is a huge positive with Global Shop Solutions. When I call in with an issue, I’m qui..."
Andy Mayfield
Head of Information Technologies
"Knowing where we stand in terms of throughput allows us to give ongoing feedback to our machinists. F..."
Jason Trubee
Plant Manager
"The shop floor also feels that since implementing APS, the workflow is far more consistent. This reli..."
Kris Newman
Assembly Supervisor
"We’ve found that the more you use Global Shop Solutions, the more things you can learn to do with it...."
Chad Cole
Head of Logistics
"When I came aboard, I inherited a mess. We had an old accounting software program that didn’t do anyt..."
David Stevenson

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