"In today’s manufacturing environment, time is of the essence. Our goal is not just to make quality pr..."
Kyle Brown
Director of business development
"Two of the top things that we see as great advantages for a company like ours in acquiring Global Sho..."
Brian Rieble
Vice President
"All of the features of the major ERP systems are in our Global Shop Solutions system. We have been ab..."
Alan Cartwright
"We understand that there’s a lot more pride when you have a familyowned business, and obviously it’s..."
Brad Robins
"We don’t have your traditional inventory that’s wrapped up on a shelf waiting to go to a customer, so..."
Michael Kouloumoundras
Vice President; Operations
"At the same time, the efficiencies we have developed through Global Shop allow us to reinvest more mo..."
Chris Lazzara
"We’ve always been able to turn jobs around quickly, But with Global Shop, we’ve improved our efficien..."
Jordan Griffith
Vice President of Operations
"Global Shop Solutions worked well for us as a 5-person shop. And with so many options for customizati..."
Lindsey Rugo
Financial manager
"Another benefit is that even though the system has a wide array of sophisticated features and functio..."
Ken Mandile
"Global Shop Solutions provides a lot of standard reports that we use all the time...."
Valorie Ray
Office Manager
"Global Shop is a powerful communication tool that makes us all more efficient and effective. Sitting..."
Anne Felzke
Purchasing Manager
"We just keep chipping away at all the different areas of the business and everything keeps getting be..."
Lee Cooper
Production Manager
"With Global Shop Solutions, we can estimate gross profit at the start of the job and compare the numb..."
Enrique Lozano
General Manager
"With Global Shop Solutions, designing and building a prototype and making it available to all our cus..."
Ray Surprenant
"The navigation is easy and intuitive. All the modules are well integrated, so you can get amazing amo..."
Justin Sievers
Purchasing Manager
"As the project manager, I look forward to starting to dig into the other tools available in the syste..."
Patricio Narro
Project Manager

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