"APS gives us complete visibility of the shop floor in terms of our currently scheduled labor hours an..."
Annette McLaughlin
Production control and IT manager
"Now, we just input all the data and let Global Shop Solutions do it for us. Global Shop Solutions giv..."
Kendra Danbrook
Operations Manager
"Global Shop gives us more confidence in the accuracy of the numbers. And knowing our costs better is..."
John Schwartz
ERP Administrator
"I don’t think Forma-Fab will ever grow bigger than Global Shop can handle, so we don’t have to worry..."
Ron Tedder
Director of Operations
"With Global Shop Solutions, we can see costs as they occur. No matter where we’re at in the shop or w..."
Jerry Bolack
Director of IT
"Since implementing Global Shop Solutions, Louis Industries has grown by 600%, yet their workforce has..."
Lance Louis
"The navigation is easy and intuitive. All the modules are well integrated, so you can get amazing amo..."
Justin Sievers
Purchasing Manager
"But what Global Shop Solutions has done for us that can’t be measured is to inspire and motivate us t..."
Megin Farrell
IT Manager
"As we looked to the future, we knew we needed a much more powerful ERP system. We purchased Global Sh..."
Bob Dumur
"With Global Shop Solutions, it’s a different story. It took us several months to enter all our part n..."
Cody Fast
"I can’t tell you how many hours of manual data entry that saved. Plus, it eliminated the need to go b..."
Andy Adams
"With Global Shop Solutions, we discovered that shipping parts under the same system in which they are..."
Richie Richmond
Forma-Fab Metals
"This GAB program saves a lot of time because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel...."
Rick Yaussi
Vice President of Finance
"We installed FLOOOM because we wanted more visibility and transparency of data throughout the busines..."
Jason Mathern
IT Manager
"With our old method of scheduling, which involved a lot of manual planning, we struggled to come up w..."
Mike Zehentner
Vice President of Business Development
"The ability to upload the drawings and data into Global Shop Solutions eliminated a lot of paperwork..."
Paul Pagenkopf
Head scheduler

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