"On the operational side of the business, Global Shop allows us to sell more and grow the business wit..."
Sigfrido Estuardo Rodas Paz
IT Director
"I’ve configured BOMs and router steps in our master router that call out the recipe to build a part,..."
Mitch Short
Vice President of Operation
"In an instant, you can go from looking at purchasing of a part to the entire work order history. Then..."
Kevin Wickham
Manufacturing Engineer and De Facto System Administrator
"Having all the data live in the system has reduced our administrative time and overhead. Our costing..."
Ken Simpkin
Business Development Manager
"When you make an investment of this magnitude, you want to be sure that the product will evolve and g..."
Kevin Mason
"With many software companies, you get feeling that once you buy the product, you’re on your own. Not..."
Kathy Hildebrand
Chief Operations Officer
"As a result, manufacturing at IVD is now continuous, and we’ve improved shop floor efficiencies by mo..."
Christopher Lambillotte
Director of Operations
"The products the research department at Global Shop comes up with are great products designed specifi..."
Michael Martens
Administrative Vice President
"Global Shop is so user-friendly. You can easily track your data. The screens are intuitive. Movement..."
Kathryn Pepin
Implementation Team
"It took us a while to get Global Shop up and running the second time, and we haven’t yet gotten to wh..."
Robert Friesen
Chief Executive Officer
"Based on the data from Global Shop, we’ve chosen to invest in specific facets of our business where w..."
Corrine Willis
Vice President of Sales
"Global Shop has made us much more professional. It gives us a complete picture of the business as opp..."
Mark Schroeder
"Out of the box, Global Shop gives us a very good picture of our costs and profitability. It keeps us..."
David Stevenson
"We’ve found that the more you use Global Shop Solutions, the more things you can learn to do with it...."
Chad Cole
Head of Logistics
"The system is set up in a way that most of the time there are obvious reasons why something happens t..."
Ezra Ward
Applications Support Manager
"The implementation consultant did a great job of helping us set up the system to fit our business, an..."
Campbell Easton
Managing Director

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