"Put a great back (Global Shop) and front end (web site) together and you get seamless customer commun..."
Sue Kuzmin
Owner and President
"Global Shop Solutions’ ability to capture and recognize non-value activities by employee, work center..."
Randy Bennett
Vice President
"We also liked the Task module, which allows us to look at an order and see at any given time who has..."
Peter Belezos
"We looked at many different systems, but Global Shop Solutions stood out for its robust capabilities..."
Eric Tressel
QA Manager and Systems Administrator
"With Global Shop Solutions, I can log into the system and see the status of every job in process on t..."
Bob Chandler
Production Manager
"Competing in today’s markets is all about knowing your costs and having a highly efficient informatio..."
Richard Wilson
Founder and President
"Before we found Global Shop, we tried everything—spreadsheets, whiteboards on the production floor, a..."
Don Centamore
Operations manager
"Global Shop Solutions keeps us from promising things we can’t do. Or, depending on the customer, we’l..."
Rob Poyser
Director of Logistics
"We constantly strive to improve how we use the system, and are currently looking into going wireless..."
Chuck Schroeder
IT Director
"Bottom line is that Global Shop Solutions gives us the flexibility we need to handle what the custome..."
Ken Keefer
Manufacturing Manager
"In fact, because of our Global Shop system, we’re hoping to not have to do a physical inventory for t..."
George Pacheco
"We’re more accurate and competitive with our quotes. We’re more profitable because we know our true c..."
Bethany DiMaggio
"With GS Mobile, they can clock into a job and stay at their stations while our material handler handl..."
Andrew Bowman
Manufacturing Engineer
"Over the years, Global Shop Solutions has become part of our company’s DNA, interwoven into every asp..."
Greg Stroud
President and CEO
"With our previous ERP vendor, service was limited from 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern time. If we had a problem..."
Danny Jordan
"With Global Shop Solutions, we can track and manage every step of the production process, from the ti..."
Paul Jira
Materials Manager

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