"I think our use case is quite interesting at ESA. Our team develops software, and we are also flying..."
Bruno Sousa
Spacecraft Operations Manager
"We decided to use an Open Source based platform so we can participate in the development and contribu..."
Roger Meier
Social Coding Platform
"The source code is clean and easy to read...."
Keith Harris
Associate Director
"Our build was just red. Like all the time red. Because the feedback loop was so long and the velocity..."
Eliza Brock Marcum
CI Lead
"GitLab from my perspective was vastly outpacing the competition in terms of feature releases. GitLab..."
Brendan Mannix
Vice President, Engineering
"A lot of people used Git at the company and just knew that it was faster, better, and what everybody..."
Greg Campion
Senior Systems Administrator
"To see people collaborating is contagious. People are saying, ‘Hey, I want to have a project like tha..."
Redouane Boumghar
Research Fellow
"Now it's so easy to deploy something and roll it back if there's an issue. It's taken the stress and..."
Dave Bullock
Director of Engineering
"The integration fluidly transfers Bugsee data into a GitLab issue so that everything that is ever nee..."
Will MacHugh
Founder and President
"Over the past two years, GitLab has been transformational for our organization here at UW. Your platf..."
Aaron Timss
Director of Information Technology
"GitLab takes the culture of the community and brings it to where you can actually codify how humans c..."
Chris McClimans
Cross-Cloud CI Project Co-Founder
"When someone makes a commit on a CoreDNS repo and they want to do a deployment, we need to be able to..."
Denver Williams
Cross-Cloud CI Project Co-Founder
"It’s good to make this transition in terms of our image because it shows the community that we are pr..."
Stéphane Laurière
Chief Technology Officer
"Gerrit would always have, essentially, just one single commit at a time that was being amended on eac..."
Bri Hatch
Director of IT
"We had more than 2,000 projects in a few months, a very fast adoption rate compared to our other code..."
Alexandre Lossent
Service Manager
"Before we had our build pipeline running with Jenkins So, we have a develop, release, and master bran..."
Konstantin Wolff
Infrastructure Engineer (PRTG Development)

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