"Fourth’s inventory solution has big benefits for our customer experience – no more stock shortages, a..."
Marcin Gralak
Income Auditor
"I’m impressed with how Fourth is enabling us to run more efficiently...."
Lee Woolley
Head of HR
"Fourth’s solution transformed our business in a very short space of time. We couldn’t run our busines..."
Casual Dining Group
"Fourth’s recipe & menu engineering solution saves far more than it costs. We could not run our busine..."
Christine Parker
Catering Development Manager
"Wahaca sees the main benefit of Fourth Analytics to be the improvement in decision making. We now get..."
Melanie Stephens
Management Accountant
"We employ over 800 people across 8 Hilton hotels. Fourth T&A ensures that they are paid accurately fo..."
Dan Merchant
Human Resources Director
"We chose Fourth because they met every one of these criteria. We also liked the fact that Fourth had..."
Guy Latchem
IT Director
"That was a real ‘bingo’ moment for us. We could easily see that with Fourth‘s Purchase-to-pay solutio..."
Richard Calder
Head of Business Systems
"We felt the impact almost immediately. We moved from a clunky, time-intensive manual system to a tota..."
Omer Aharonovich
Regional Purchasing Manager
"I’d certainly recommend Fourth’s purchase to pay and inventory solution to other hotel groups. What s..."
Ken Eng
Operations Controller
"Fourth has given us what our manual systems couldn’t - transparency, visibility, assurance – we now h..."
Martin Glinski
Head of Operations
"Life without Fourth’s labour solution would be incredibly laborious and time consuming. It’s really d..."
"I must tell you how impressed I am with your auto enrolment team. They were and are extremely helpful..."
Madura Namala
HR Director
"We chose Fourth Payroll because of its proven benefits of minimising payroll costs and saving employe..."
Simon Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer

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