"Fortinet is an extremely powerful, highly user-friendly and cost-efficient specialist in network secu..."
Rajesh Bhatia
Vice President of IT
"Fortinet didn’t only supply us with great security and massive reliability, but also gave us the flex..."
Jonathan Merrell
Chief Information Officer
"Fortinet’s wireless LAN solution fits our requirements best, as it was able to provide a strong, stab..."
Neeraj Subramanian
Information Technology Manager
"Node4 attracts clients that don’t have the time, expertise, and/or resources to build out the IT infr..."
John Williams
Product Marketing Manager
"We look five years ahead to understand what’s on the technological horizon. It’s imperative that we h..."
Bryant Wong
Chief Technology Officer
"If we restrict students so much, they will plug into their first college network and be overwhelmed b..."
Joe Bielecki
Director of Digital Safety
"Fortinet is a part of CCI’s strategy to protect the hundreds of thousands of customers relying on us..."
Aaron Reason
Director of Network Security
"Today, if we deal with even four or five alerts in a month, it’s considered to be a lot. Since deploy..."
Kenneth Compres
Senior Network Security and Integration Engineer
"For what we needed, the Fortinet solution was the most cost effect antivirus solution when compared t..."
Rich Perri
Manager Of Network Operations
"One of the things that impresses me most about Fortinet is the company’s long-term vision, especially..."
Cory Gearhart
Executive Director of IT
"There hasn’t been any need for us to switch to anything else...."
Chris Anderson
Security Administrator
"Fortinet’s solutions meet all of our security needs…and provide our administrative environment peace..."
Álvaro Cifuentes
Coordinator of Information Technologies
"Staff and students were quickly commenting on better connectivity and the ability to roam without dro..."
Ashley Walters
IT Director
"It was clear that Fortinet offered simplicity and scalability to a level that other solutions couldn..."
Michael Swart
IT Manager
"To us, Fortinet has been much more than an ally; It has become a partner. We have always maintained c..."
Guido Fuentes
Information Security Chief
"The great technologies we have implemented within our company gave us the opportunity to offer transp..."
Milton Morales
Manager of Technology

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