"Fortinet's consolidated approach to network security allows us to have a lower total cost of ownershi..."
Aaron Hyre
Director of Technology Services
"Security7 is focused on this side of security, providing the best service, support, and equipment tha..."
Edward Bianco
Chief Information Officer
"User demand called for a solution that was bigger and better. That’s when we deployed Fortinet...."
Rob Dearing
Technical Network Manager
"The schools need to make changes quickly, but there is a tension between allowing creativity and cont..."
Tony Doyle
Head of ICT Services
"ShipServ is experiencing unprecedented growth and the FortiGates and FortiGate VM give us the agility..."
Dominic Aslan
Vice President of IT Operations
"We’re always looking to develop systems that are efficient, effective, and elegant. Fortinet fits all..."
Mark Masselli
"We look five years ahead to understand what’s on the technological horizon. It’s imperative that we h..."
Bryant Wong
Chief Technology Officer
"We strongly recommend Fortinet to any firm looking for robust, high performance network security infr..."
Faculty Incharge
"IT works in layers, and we are focused on providing good quality and infrastructure to our end users,..."
Manmohan Singh
Director of Infrastructure & Core Technologies
"When we added up the features that Fortinet brought to the equation and looked at the price/performan..."
Hammad Akbar
Network Consultant
"The Fortinet technology is a ‘common sense’ fully integrated solution that simplifies the infrastruct..."
Ian Ridsdale
ICT Senior Manager Schools
"For us, Fortinet has been the right choice, time and again for years. New models and new functions ha..."
Siegfried Unz
Data Service Director
"Fortinet’s solutions are helping us to manage a large, often difficult network that comes with many d..."
Ashley Culver
Network Services Manager
"The drivers behind the decision to convert exclusively to Fortinet were reduced cost and ease of use..."
Steve Piskor
IT Security Officer
"The difference between the initial solution and Fortinet is night and day. simply beat out the compet..."
Nick Pannoni
Director of Information Technology
"Residents have a vastly better Internet experience, and thanks to reliable VoIP and Nurse Call system..."
Steve Cuppy

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