"We tried a number of applications but Maintenance Assistant CMMS was a lot faster...."
George Ulatowski
Maintenance Manager
"We learned about MA CMMS from one of our subsidiaries, and when we tried it we liked it immediately...."
Bill Imperiale
Materials Manager
"For what I do, I am not sure I could do without it...."
Dena Earich
Maintenance Coordinator
"I’d estimate a 200% improvement on our previous paper based system. Productivity is way up...."
Systems Manager
"It saves at least a couple of hours of digging around trying to find something. And that happens a fe..."
Nelson Multer
Maintenance Director
"Before adopting the system we didn't keep a history for auditing and had no way to track true costing..."
Lori Pullen
Maintenance Administrator, Autosystems
"Coldwell Solar is growing fast and we wanted a cloud-based CMMS to manage our solar assets. I compare..."
Blaine Neal
O&M Manager
"Ease of use, and ability to document assets. the feature I like the most at this point is product sea..."
Harvey Sprague
Wilco Machine & Fab
"The cost cannot be beat. It has the features I need and none of the clutter I don't. Accessibility th..."
Tracy Adkisson
Adkisson Management LLC
"Ease of getting up and running and using the software. Adaptability to set up and customize to your p..."
Ben Ryba
"Price, scalability, ease of use. Great customer service on the back end always there to answer a ques..."
Michael Davis
Omega Nutrition USA
"I started using FIIX about 6 months ago and it has been very useful and easy to use. We had been keep..."
Steve Leal
RSG Forest Products
"We started using this program about 2 months ago and I must say it is easy to use and i like the part..."
Charles Nicholson
Highland Clarksburg Hospital
"We didn’t have any KPIs in the past. So it is 100% better now...."
Vasco Vieira
Maintenance Engineering Director
"[Before Fiix], we really didn’t have a way to track work orders and work requests. We didn’t have a s..."
Financial Service Company
Production Support Manager
"[Now] I know specifically what I need to do, when I need to get it done by, and in addition to that,..."
Tony Leombruno
TPM Champion

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