"We have five sites and with the various deployment methods were able to deploy and start managing 90..."
Malcom Houston
ICT Manager, VP McMullin Solicitors
"We were able to set up the product in full production in under 48 hours using only 1 FTE, yet the tim..."
Jason Bradley
Vanderbilt University
"Express Metrix is one of the few management applications I actually enjoy using during the month beca..."
Anthony DeHart
IT Manager, Erie Building Materials
"My quarterly license compliance attestation simply means running one Express report of software insta..."
Clyde Hague
Client Services Manager, First Merchants Corporation
"Express Software Manager's built in reports have saved us from worrying about whether we would pass o..."
Rob Wright
Support Center Specialist, Paragon Medical
"Express Software Manager accurately identifies all the licenses we need to audit, and classifies it t..."
Dan Bolduc
Manager of IT Infrastructure & Support
"Express is so reliable, we've been using it for years and have never had a performance problem...."
Leo Gildone
Workstation Team Leader, Standard Life of Canada
"Express Metrix helped us save nearly $500,000 in licensing costs by allowing us to centrally provisio..."
Sean Heuchert
IT Manager, PVNCC
"I've used Express Metrix products for years. They continually make better and better solutions. They..."
Peter Theis
Director of IT, Roger Ferris & Partners
"I have forwarded an Express Metrix [report] to our CEO so he could approve or deny a computer purchas..."
Clinton Myers
Detroit Institute of Art
"Express is easy to install, deploy, use and administer. We have never had any problems keeping it run..."
Cathy Taylor
Network Systems Specialist, QS1
"Thanks to Express Metrix, IPNet has realized immediate and substantial cost savings...."
Frank Florencio Espinoza
Senior Systems Engineer, IPNet Solutions
"We buy licenses based on the [Express] reports. If the reports tell us we have too many, we buy fewer..."
E. Baker
Perkins Eastman
"Kudos for Express Metrix! Their level of support is exceptional when compared to other vendors...."
AJ Levy
Information Systems Security Officer, Raytheon Missile Systems
"The key to successful software compliance is knowing where to start. Express Metrix gives us exactly..."
Dan J. Pfennig
Senior Technical Analyst/System Administrator, Verizon Wireless
"The reporting has helped us in cases where we need to plead to upper management for new computers. Th..."
C. Perkins
PC Applications Manager and Developer, Group MacKenzie

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