"I have been using Exclaimer products for a number of years and always recommend them to anyone I spea..."
Jonathan Cundliffe
Group IT Manager
"We love Exclaimer and its Office 365 email signature solution makes our job so much easier...."
Keith Perfect
Director of Web Development
"There were some users that were using Outlook Web Access and other mobile devices who also needed to..."
Dion Mendonca
IT Manager
"Exclaimer makes common-sense solutions that organizations of all sizes should use...."
Dave Bennett
"Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition made generating complex Active Directory-based disclaime..."
Shafeeq Hamza
Senior IT Specialist
"We don't hesitate in recommending Exclaimer products to our customers...."
Paul Davrinche
Commercial Engineer
"Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 ensures an email signature is applied, no matter what dev..."
Torben Andersen Group
IT Manager
"There was no IT downtime when setting up Signatures for Office 365 and it was very easy to administer..."
Dario Porru
ICT Project Manager
"I'm going to be recommending this solution to all my clients now...."
Matt Russell
"The documentation provided was perfect, meaning I could install the product quickly with no external..."
Gunther Bendig
IT Manager
"There was no downtime caused by installing the software and we were able to start designing signature..."
Oliver Braun
Head of IT
"We’ve been recommending Exclaimer software since it became a legal requirement for limited companies..."
Justin Walton
Support Manager
"It’s very easy to switch signatures in Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365...."
Ulrik Farlov-Qvist
IT Manager
"It will save us (IT) a huge amount of time as we can now manage the signature process while allowing..."
Kevin Wilson
Application Support Analyst
"Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for Office 365 exceeded my expectations...."
Calle Hagman
IT Manager
"Works very well, and integrates with Office 365 products very well...."
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