"We researched a couple of other backup solutions, but the issue we had with every single one of them..."
Josh Jarvis
Chief Technology Officer
"ExaGrid provides a great return on investment, and the system works as advertised. With ExaGrid, we n..."
Jamie Gianna
Director of IT
"At Kingston, we're actively working to reduce our energy consumption and are very sensitive to power..."
Tran Phan
Senior Network Administrator
"Our backups and restores are a thousand times better now with the ExaGrid. Now, I can fully restore a..."
Paul Keplin
Senior Network Administrator
"The ExaGrid system is a rock-solid backup solution. It performs flawlessly day in and day out, and w..."
Jason Rose
Network Engineer
"We tested solutions from both ExaGrid and Data Domain side by side and chose the ExaGrid based on its..."
Dean Bolton
Network Systems Engineer
"We can easily scale the ExaGrid system to back up more data in the future. Looking forward, we can al..."
Sean Jameson
Director of Information Technology
"Having the ExaGrid system in place probably dropped my interaction with backups by 70 to 80 percent...."
Dean Yager
IT Manager
"We looked closely at both products and decided to purchase the ExaGrid system. It was the more cost-e..."
Matthew Bjonnes
Senior Systems Administrator
"For us, cost was a key factor in selecting ExaGrid. We wanted a system that was cost effective but al..."
Hugo den Uyl
Senior System Engineer
"In our previous solutions, the products we used hardly integrated at all [Backup] is definitely bette..."
Kenny Fyhr
Senior Technology Analyst
"The ExaGrid system was extremely cost effective, and we liked the idea that we could quickly and easi..."
John jackson
Backup and LAN Administrator
"We are 100% virtualized, so the ability to spin up a server from the ExaGrid system without affecting..."
Gabriel Fischer
LAMP Developer
"We recently had to restore two SQL databases containing 30 GB and 10 GB of data and the entire proces..."
Mike Regan
Senior Network Analyst
"Not only are we able to keep over a month of data on the ExaGrid system, but restores are incredibly..."
Nelson Nakamitsu
Computer Specialist
"ExaGrid’s data de-duplication technology has been very effective at reducing our data, and it has mad..."
Maui Electric Company, Ltd.

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