"Being able to tailor messages to only identified areas on a map rather than just sending out the mess..."
Aaron Bean
Operations Superintendent
"Thousands of people attend the annual Halloween Block Party in Upper Athens, most of whom are college..."
Dan Pfeiffer
Athens County
"The system can allow you to be notified in a very quick fashion, very precise and to the point. You h..."
Chip Weston
Fire Chief
"I’ve called Everbridge tech support at two in the morning asking for help and needing it at that very..."
Dave Hinkley
Business Continuity Manager
"The ability to quickly find the missing girls was just wonderful. I think we just have a unique mixtu..."
Tracy Gonzalez
San Angelo Police Department
"By implementing Crisis Commander we were able to have all our units working in the same way with cris..."
"Getting 15 competing hospitals to work together in a crisis is a challenge. Everbridge makes my life..."
Chris Bellone
CHEP Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
"We improved our drill alert systems significantly by switching to Everbridge. As a result, we improve..."
Jodi Budde
Chisago County Minnesota
"The support team is always quicker than I expect and this allows me to get back to our stakeholders q..."
Tim Hunter
Business Application Specialist, Emergency Preparedness & Response
"The biggest benefit for us is partner accountability. Having the ability to do polling through partne..."
Global Coffee Retail Chain
Senior Specialist for Business Continuity and Emergency Management
"Loomis uses Everbridge to communicate response and resiliency activities internally, but also to effe..."
Randy Sheltra
Senior Vice President Risk Management
"The tornado warning was issued ultimately to over 70,000 contacts (white pages, yellow pages, and opt..."
Jim Coker
Director, Jefferson County, Alabama Emergency Management Agency
"With March For Our Lives demonstrators coming to DC from all around the country, we needed a way to q..."
Chris Rodriguez
"We were just shy of 100,000 subscriptions in four days, which allowed us to push out to everyone atte..."
Daniel Bradley
Director of Emergency Management
"When an at-risk woman went missing for more than 24 hours during the winter, the clock was ticking to..."
Cory Friend
Communications Manager
"The system can allow you to be notified in a very quick fashion, very precise and to the point. You h..."
Renee Welsh
Director of Facilities and Security

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