"You spend a handful of days on it, and then it’s done — I don’t have to touch it. Marketing doesn’t h..."
Adam Skuse
Republic Live
"Eventbrite’s API has had the biggest impact on how we do business. Every ticketing company says they..."
Jacob Matthews
Republic Live
"Being able to just send our vendors a link to the invitation on Eventbrite is invaluable. It’s slimme..."
Gabriella Graceffa-Bunker
"Without that information, it was impossible for the Society to measure and understand if they were ma..."
Brian Lynch
Public Relations Manager
"The client support experience has been far superior to anyone else in the business...."
Dusty Schleier
Director of Meetings & Conventions
"We knew we were going to grow, and we knew Eventbrite was a platform we could thrive in as we evolved..."
Miike Snow
"After transitioning to Eventbrite, one thing our missionary noticed was that he had more time to focu..."
Word of Life
Word of Life
"The feedback was so phenomenal. It really united the movement and we felt the need to do it again thi..."
Stephanie Slysz
Executive Administrator
"There were people who had little to no knowledge of the field, but really wanted to change the system..."
Mei Seva
Multimedia Producer
"The buildout was so easy. The Eventbrite team made it very simple. Even if we need something customiz..."
Danielle Denise Barr
Director of Events & Alumni Relations
"We decided to partner with Eventbrite Marketing Services because we knew the ROI would be worth it. T..."
Yuliya Patsay
Association Marketing Director
"I feel confident about doing business with Eventbrite. I know I’m in great hands...."
Paul Song
"It used to drive me crazy, because The LA Auto Show is all about unveiling the future of the auto ind..."
Mike Asner
Sr Director of Marketing and Ticketing
"Selling reserved seating is complex. We deal with different maps, pricing, and inventory for each sho..."
Chris Walters
VP of Marketing & Merchandising
"Eventbrite RULES! Since switching over to the EB platform, the day to day has been simplified and the..."
Ramona Sidlo
Director of Marketing
"The ticket sales process is a lot easier and the check-in process has become seamless...."
Pete Torres

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