"Eventbrite’s support was amazing. I’ve had experience with two other event registration systems where..."
Ellie Young
Conference Coordinator
"Eventbrite Organizer has enabled us to capture more donations during our events. Before, we had to re..."
Emily Carter
Director of Programming
"We were truly blown away by the Eventbrite customer service—both with us as the organizers, and our p..."
Cecilia Lopez Cardenas
Program Coordinator
"Being able to just send our vendors a link to the invitation on Eventbrite is invaluable. It’s slimme..."
Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Infrastructure
"It’s incredibly helpful to have ticketing folks who are also operations folks. We really looked to Ev..."
Tom Russell
Co-Founder, Founders Entertainment
"Eventbrite allows us to focus on what’s important rather than processing credit cards.” POSITIVE ATTE..."
Kimberlee Isobe
"Working with Eventbrite has helped us sell more tickets. We’re able to track who’s clicking from wher..."
Vickie McMurchie
Senior Operations Manager
"With Eventbrite's charts and graphs, I can see where riders are coming from and make marketing decisi..."
Michael Borgg
Volunteer Director
"We knew we were going to scale. In 2017, we have events during 28 weekends. That’s more than half the..."
Chad Collins
"Early on, we noticed a large number of people registered after we announced the speakers and agenda...."
Danielle Launders
Community Events Manager
"Success in the early days looked like survival — period. If we could make rent and keep the fire depa..."
James Moody
"In the past, to make any changes to our ticketing page, we had to go through our ticketing provider...."
Kyle Michaud
"We can see at a glance how our areas are performing, so we can better structure our marketing efforts..."
Bill Braack
The Oregon Air Show
"If I was starting a dance studio right now, I would tell you that you have to get on Eventbrite to ex..."
Ed Schneider
"After transitioning to Eventbrite, one thing our missionary noticed was that he had more time to focu..."
Word of Life
Word of Life
"Working with Eventbrite has streamlined our entire ticket selling process, making it easier and more..."
Matt Whitlock
Entertainment Director

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