"I am very pleased with how we managed to develop an effective website with Valtech and our design stu..."
"Episerver’s platform allows NorthShore's doctors and staff to engage more easily with website visitor..."
"When developing our global brand we needed an equally strong digital presence to back it up. The site..."
"Det er virkelig en helhjertet, moderne løsning Falck har valgt...."
"We made the deadline because Intergen put the level of dedication it said it would into the project -..."
"Now we have a common platform for all communications within the Swedish Golf Association, which is ve..."
"We are very pleased with the stable and efficient solution that has been delivered to us...."
"Our technical partner HiQ and Episerver have done an extremely professional job in a very short amoun..."
"The usability of Episerver CMS has fulfilled our every wish. Our team is able to implement changes in..."
"Thanks to Episerver’s user-friendly solution, content can be changed more regularly, with greater eas..."
"The thing that really helped us choose Episerver was the ease-of use...."
"Aqua Products has 27 different products all with manuals, sell sheets, and a great deal of informatio..."
"Initial results show that average revenue per booking has increased by over 7% since the launch of th..."
"With Episerver, we have got both a better customer experience and the ability to do more campaigns an..."
"Working with Episerver on a daily basis is very easy. It's great for a big organization like us...."
"By developing a fully responsive site, fully optimised for mobile devices, the user experience has be..."

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