"EnterpriseDB allows us to bring the benefits of open source to all our customers, large and small, wi..."
Eric Olafson
"We are building on an open source stack and the features and capabilities we’ve added to our suite wo..."
Ferry Dekker
Product Manager of Managed Services
"We anticipated our growth would be exponential given the size of the world’s listening population. An..."
Donal Gaffney
Lead Engineer
"This partnership with EnterpriseDB gives Oracle customers a clear and painless migration strategy. Th..."
Jim Baum
President and CEO
"We can provide everything necessary to move a customer's infrastructure out to a hosted environment a..."
Matthew Porter
"Eighty percent of our applications don't have to be rewritten to work on EnterpriseDB...."
David Manifold
Director, Database Services
"The content management demands being placed on our customers are increasing, and the processing power..."
Vladimir Jakobac
Product Manager
"EnterpriseDB became part of the Bio-Imaging design team and helped us to make valuable improvements t..."
Emmanuel Olart
Manager, Technical Services
"Controlling costs and maintaining the ability to leverage our previous technology investments were cr..."
Justin Codd
Senior DBA
"We wanted the flexibility to spin up systems as we needed them without having to factor in the high c..."
Terry Schmitt
Data Systems Engineer
"Our PostgreSQL solution allowed us to reduce our IT spend 75% over the prior self-hosted AIX and Syba..."
"We hope that Fujitsu can help us in many different ways, listening to our worries as our company’s co..."
Hideki Iwakiri
"We really caused the customers trouble because the service outage lasted until the system was restore..."
Kōji Watanabe
Head of the Payment Solutions Group
"We already understood that Postgres would be the right approach to replace our Oracle databases, but..."
US Midwestern Energy and Utility Company
Database Administrator
"When planning our system re-architecture, we explored NoSQL and document store platforms as potential..."
Suresh Neravati
Database Administrator
"We are pleased to partner with EnterpriseDB, the world's foremost PostgreSQL experts, for the benefit..."
Noritaka Uji
Senior Executive, Vice President

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