"We can provide everything necessary to move a customer's infrastructure out to a hosted environment a..."
"We want to move off Oracle to 100% Postgres to consolidate our skill set and products used. With Post..."
"We have challenging goals– we need to expand as a business, but also significantly reduce IT operatio..."
"I am totally confident every time I have to call EnterpriseDB for support. I know that they are going..."
"EnterpriseDB became part of the Bio-Imaging design team and helped us to make valuable improvements t..."
"Controlling costs and maintaining the ability to leverage our previous technology investments were cr..."
"In order to provide our clients with quality and in-time service delivery, it is crucial for us that..."
"We were highly benefited not only by the well organized and planned training material but also by the..."
"In the past, the primary purpose of using EDB Postgres was only to reduce IT cost. Because the perfor..."
"The addition of EDB Postgres as a standardized database solution had an immediate and significant imp..."
"When planning our system re-architecture, we explored NoSQL and document store platforms as potential..."
"We hope that Fujitsu can help us in many different ways, listening to our worries as our company’s co..."
"We really caused the customers trouble because the service outage lasted until the system was restore..."
"The engineer not only solved my problem but gave me multiple ways that I could do it to help me choos..."
"As part of the European data center consolidation project, we decided to immediately make use of the..."
"EDB Postgres gave us the performance, reliability, and flexibility to deliver on our goals...."

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