"When someone referred me to Endicia, I looked it up, compared it with the competition and thought tha..."
Cori O’Steen
"It works…it does what it’s supposed to do. I wouldn’t sell on eBay without it...."
Charlene Anderson
"Since we offer customers highly anticipated health products and medicine, package tracking is our No...."
Arun John-Thomas
Operations and Logistics Assistant
"Our international shipping has doubled in 2013, and we see a seasonal trend of 600 percent increase i..."
Talia Bahr Goldfarb
CEO and Co-Founder
"Our order fulfillment is a breeze, and we have Endicia and Atandra to thank for that. With Endicia’s..."
Pauline Basaran
Vice President of Operations
"With Endicia and ShippingEasy, my team no longer has to manually enter thousands of addresses after a..."
Jill Donovan
"With ShippingEasy and Endicia, I don’t have to put a second thought into shipping packages. Since I s..."
Eric Jeffrey
Inventor and Owner
"I’m incredibly proud of what Bay Photo Lab has been able to accomplish with the help of Endicia and V..."
George Rentschler
Executive Assistant
"I'm always researching, trying to find a better way to do business...."
Paul Primeaux
"These orders used to be a manual, time-consuming process that Endicia Platinum Shipper reduced down t..."
Ignacio “Nacho” Hernandez
"No more costly meter, trips to the post office, and retail rate for USPS Tracking – Endicia has done..."
Randy Piechocki
"Endicia Professional does a good job of integrating our shipping process. By using the database integ..."
Paul Essig
Information Technology Manager
"With the thousands of details we worry about, we never worry about Endicia. That’s because its servic..."
David Mutter
"With Endicia, we can process more orders in a shorter amount of time...."
Kim Bishop
Shipping Supervisor
"It’s priced competitively and is just one of those rare applications that always seems to work right,..."
Tom Branik
"Here at Waterfield Designs, our high regard for quality has led to immensely satisfied, loyal custome..."
Gary Waterfield

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