"Impact Telecom focuses on delivering one thing: outstanding telecommunications services. Our Empirix..."
Bob Beaty
President and CEO
"By uncovering problems with call centre capacity before deployment, Hammer On-Call was able to save u..."
Arjan Zwanenburg
Manager, Application services, Retail
"We use the Empirix solutions to emulate actual callers in a way that we couldn’t do on our own or thr..."
Prakash Durgani
Vice President of Engineering and Opera2ons
"A monitoring solution should be mandatory within every network because there are so many moving parts..."
Chuck Griffin
Chief Operations Officer
"We received good advice from the Empirix specialists, who then scoped out and priced the project. Th..."
Phil Reed
Chief Information Officer
"We needed a good quality, reliable product and along with our own evaluation, the feedback we receive..."
Anu Jain
Application Development Manager
"Even a slight change can have a significant impact on the functionality of the system overall. It is..."
Karl Gschwend
customer interaction management
"Hammer XMS has helped us reduce our costs, improve voice quality, and prepare our network for launchi..."
Rick Kohel
Manager for Voice Network Solutions
"We began the NGN project to offer a better customer experience and soon realized that our fragmented..."
Mike Loundes
Technology and Customer Services, Director
"Empirix provides unlimited vision into our network to both proactively and reactively address and res..."
George Hammons
Primary Operational User
"Our goal was to automate the tests constructively and economically. Compared to manual testing, we no..."
Andreas Watermann
Head of VMS & IVR Integration

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