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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Empirix.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 11 case studies. Browse this list to see how Empirix has worked with different customers like Amtrak and Angel.com.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Empirix.

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Regular monitoring allows us to drill down into areas that might be giving us specific performance problems that could lead to failures if left unchecked. Because we’ve programmed the system to call into each IVR once every twenty minutes, we can catch many emerging issues before they become problems that would adversely impact our customers,” says Early. “Then, using the compiled performance data that the OneSight Voice Engine stores for us, we can quickly diagnose issues and collaborate with all the relevant technical staff. We can look at the severity of the failure and figure out why one area of an IVR was affected while others weren’t. We can then look into what we need to do to repair the problem. Ninety percent of the diagnostic testing that Amtrak does to find problems between its IVR applications and its back-end data systems are now fully automated thanks to Empirix,” Early notes, adding, “That gives us peace of mind, and more staff time to focus on new initiatives.

Rob Early

lead IVR engineer
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Voice Watch Monitoring enables us to go through and test every single feature on a regular basis. This is crucial, since if one feature were to encounter issues, it could quickly cascade into an entire voice page not working correctly and could affect an entire voice site as well.

Prakash Durgani

Vice President of Engineering and Opera2ons
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Fortis is an international provider of banking and insurance services to personal, business, and institutional customers. It delivers a total package of financial products and services through its own high-performance channels and via intermediaries and other partners. Fortis ranks among Europe’s top 20 financial institutions, with a market capitalization of EUR 40 billion at year-end 2007. Together with ABn AMRO, the company has a presence in over 50 countries and a dedicated, professional workforce of more than 85,000. All this makes the company a leader in financial services in Europe, a top-three private banker and a top-tier asset manager.

Arjan Zwanenburg

Manager, Application services, Retail
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Prior to Empirix, Impact Telecom could not meet its objectives with its previous monitoring solution. Impact Telecom needed the ability to view and correlate entire call flows for the combined network. But, this could only be done by arduously running multiple traces and manually pulling the information together, which was highly inefficient and required additional manpower. Further, existing tools only covered certain equipment and vendors, creating call correlation problems. For example, SS7 was not covered. Plus, the existing monitoring tool lacked ladder diagrams, a key troubleshooting and diagnostic feature offered by Empirix.

Bob Beaty

President and CEO
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We required a whole new VCC for the three locations that would allow us to operate round the clock and handle overflow during peak call times,” recalls McPhillips. “We needed to be sure that voice and data routed to the right place at the right time.

Phil Hilton

Solution Delivery Manager
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Clearly such a situation was unsustainable for an organisation as focused on building good customer relations and winning repeat business, as lastminute.com. It was decided to research a more sophisticated testing capability. “We began looking for a solution which would enable us to automate the quality assurance testing process across the entire IVR system, for both load and regression,” says Jain, who already had some familiarity with Empirix. “We knew Empirix was a leading supplier in this field and we already had some appreciation of their products.” lastminute.com was aware too that its parent company Travelocity had been using Empirix’s Hammer Test System for some time and based on their experience, had recommended it to the company. Following a careful evaluation of Empirix alongside other products, lastminute.com agreed it met their needs as well. Says Jain, “We needed a good quality, reliable product and along with our own evaluation, the feedback we received from our colleagues overseas gave us confidence that Empirix would fit the bill.”

Anu Jain

Application Development Manager
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The Empirix E-XMS Service Assurance Platform offered a customer-centric approach to service assurance monitoring, collecting data on voice, video and data services, as well as application and network performance. Through intelligent correlation of key data points, Empirix E-XMS created a true picture of customer experience from the millions of packets traversing Manx Telecom’s networks. With powerful access to fully correlated data, Manx Telecom could also significantly cut the time it takes to understand issues in its complex environments to reduce “cost per problem.”

Mike Loundes

Technology and Customer Services, Director
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In 2008-09 across both ChildLine (the NSPCC’s helpline for children) and the adult helpline (for adults who are concerned about a child), the charity received more than 2 million calls, but a significant number of those calls were not getting through. Also, research showed that children wanted to use alternative communication channels such as the internet. Says Phil Reed, the NSPCC’s Chief Information Officer: “We had a number of problems - certainly we did not have enough counsellors, but as we also realised, our technology systems couldn’t deliver the capacity or the additional channels. Children today want to communicate in a wide range of ways, and we need to be able to facilitate all of these. We’re very passionate about what we do, but we were not up-to-date.”

Phil Reed

Chief Information Officer
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PNG will save substantial amounts of money related to network operations center (NOC) costs. Previous to the use of Hammer XMS, when a trouble ticket was opened, a series of test calls had to be made to determine the cause of the problem, and engineers had to trace those calls to determine the source. The process increased time to troubleshoot a ticket. Hammer XMS automates monitoring and troubleshooting, allowing for faster problem resolution, and ensuring that the right issue is being solved. PNG can now track down problems 35% more quickly. This will allow the NOC support team to monitor traffic in less staff time, leading to a projected, cumulative $398,185 in savings over five years. PNG is also currently working on using Hammer XMS to provide automated outbound alerts, so that the system can send out notifications whenever potential problems are found. This new process will lead to even faster troubleshooting times.

Rick Kohel

Manager for Voice Network Solutions
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To prevent network overload issues, which lead to long wait times in the customer service queue, Swisscom recognized the need for proactive assurance provided by a testing and monitoring solution. Testing solutions allow organizations to replicate real-world customer behaviors in a pre-deployment environment and correct potential issues prior to roll out of a new service or update. Monitoring solutions provide ongoing visibility, enabling organizations to identify malfunctions early, determine the best approach to fixing problems and rectify issues before they impact customer experience.

Karl Gschwend

customer interaction management
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www.t-mobile.de driven services. Under the direction of Andreas Watermann, its staff are responsible for integrating and validating interactive voice response (IVR) and voice mail (VM) systems. “Whenever a new service is launched, our challenge is to bring it to market quickly, efficiently and flawlessly,” explains Andreas Watermann. At the same time, the individual applications are becoming increasingly complex and competitive pressure is on the rise. To address these challenges, T-Mobile tests its applications during the integration phase. These tests which used to be performed manually now run almost fully automatically. To this end, T-Mobile uses testing solutions from Empirix, an expert in the automated testing and monitoring of voice and Web applications. “When we were deciding on buying a test solution, one of the make or break conditions was a simplicity of handling that would allow us to deploy our resources as efficiently and flexibly as possible. This enables us to cut integration time and costs, and to fulfil the formally release criteria.”

Andreas Watermann

Head of VMS & IVR Integration
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