"Egencia has a seat at the table whenever we make travel decisions...."
Jonathan Davidson
Travel & Meetings Operations Manager
"Our Collaboration with Egencia helps Starbucks make better global travel choices...."
Raymond Williams
Senior Manager, Global Travel
"I have nothing but great feedback to share about the experience working with Egencia on this project...."
Marketing and Organizing Coordinator
"Travel involves a lot of details. Some of those details are very sensitive, so you must always remain..."
Nicole Hohenstein
Global Travel Manager
"Egencia’s unused ticket reporting is wonderful. Our previous travel management company charged an add..."
Annie Pappas
Travel Manager
"Skyjack travellers have responded to Egencia service surveys with a 100% positive likelihood to recom..."
Hannah Rowanwood
Travel Manager
"For most of our students, their travel out of state to summer camp is like traveling to the moon. Th..."
Matt Osgood
Program Coordinator
"The pace of adoption of the online self booking tool has been really heartening. Our 150+ travellers..."
Debbie Adamczyk
Global Travel Manager
"The ability to influence our travelers booking behavior through the completely customized travel poli..."
John Halford
Head of Global Indirect Procurement
"Egencia did an excellent job training throughout Europe, face to face in Brussels and conducting Webi..."
Robyn Pratt
Corporate Travel Project Manager
"Due to expanding operations, we were after an intuitive online tool that incorporated both domestic &..."
Chris Milledge
Accounts Officer
"I am very satisfied with the support of our Egencia Account Manager. She is always polite, accessible..."
Largest Branded Footwear Retailing Company
Travel Manager
"It was a very smooth process. The link for me to see which guest went with which employee and the sta..."
"Our Egencia program helps us devote our time and resources to our core mission, rather than our trave..."
Mia Ellis
Program Coordinator
"Egencia gives fantastic visibility for our traveler safety. The traveler tracking tool is great...."
Melissa Willock
Head of Travel Management
"Our Egencia Account Manager makes my work seamless. She handles any escalations with speed and effici..."
Carla Miranda
Travel Manager

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