"Every Kimpton property receives an Ecessa device, so guests get Internet and load balancing/failover..."
Shawn Slater
National Property Network Engineer
"We got more done with Ecessa in five weeks than what we did with [the competitor] in five months...."
James Young
IT Manager
"With Ecessa we’ll achieve our main goal: to stay up and connected...."
Bill Prendergast
Sr. System Administrator
"The biggest problem Ecessa solves is the next problem - before we have it...."
Vic Zelny
"We need equipment that makes our connection reliable. Ecessa does that and the interface is simple. I..."
Dan Wagner
IT Manager
"Our uptime has been improved dramatically. In the past year our wide area network hasn’t been down at..."
Vince Sullivan
IT Manager
"Optimizing our WAN was a key priority for our organization. User productivity has dramatically improv..."
Mark Aherrera
IT Director
"The Ecessa unit was not the issue. In fact, the diagnostic capabilities of the Ecessa unit and the ex..."
Jeff Nelson
Sr. Network Infrastructure Engineer
"Today, we have three Internet connections, including two DSL circuits and one business-class cable li..."
Zack Clobes
IT Manager
"When your ability to compete is measured in minutes, you can’t waste a second with unreliable Interne..."
Thomas Fitzgerald
Network Engineer
"We’re pleased with the continuing performance of Ecessa and its top notch customer service team...."
Mike Butler
Network Administrator
"Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal application..."
David Cearley
Vice President & Gartner Fellow
"My original and primary vendor had a fiber cut which of course dropped our services immediately. Your..."
Rich Soutar
"Ecessa products give our agents and their customers the best of breed carrier aggregation and SIP sur..."
David Wallace
"We have to make sure [our hosted applications] are online and available for our customers at all time..."
Chad Scott
Managing Partner
"Ecessa is very responsive, they’re always there when I need them and they have excellent technical su..."
Calvin L. Dowling
Director of IT

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