"Innovative, customer centric with awesome, fun people. I go home at the end of the day and DNS/Globa..."
Kevin Duffey
VP, IT Operations at RichRelevance
"There are only so many good DNS providers out there that can scale with you, are fast and reliable an..."
Jos Boumans
VP of Infrastructure and Operations
"We heard great things about the services, performance and the people who work at Dyn, We’re happy to..."
Aaron Peters
Co-founder & CEO
"Being able to do everything in the same system versus several subsystems is ideal...."
Hakon Smeplass
Telenor System Manager
"The fact that I don’t have to worry about the application being there has been great. It’s allowed me..."
Josh Ryan
Director of Technology
"Reliability and scalability-wise, Dyn has been great for us. While we’re never going to stop DDoS att..."
Mert Sevinc
Internal Operations Manager
"If you have a question, you get a specific answer, not just some standard answer. With our previous p..."
Ivo Teel
Vice President of Technology
"We chose Dyn because of their reputation for developing superior service offerings...."
Michael Luu
Director of MIS
"We quickly realized using Dyn would help us deliver faster maps without adding heavy complexity to ou..."
Will White
MapBox Engineer
"You don’t get the level of granularity with other companies that you do with Dyn. I can balance traff..."
Jerome Ibanes
Infrastructure Architect and Senior System Administrator
"We found that it was the most trusted solution available for managed DNS services. They made a dedica..."
Brandon Mason
VP of Technology,AudienceScience
"Every bit of our technology is being routed through Dyn...."
Mark Paone
VP of Platform Engineering
"The future is bright for Therefore, We’re glad we have a great email infrastructure partner to be the..."
Alex De Winne
Founder & CEO
"We’ve seen improvement in the overall performance of the platform and we’re getting closer to our goa..."
Nikos Kakavoulis
CEO and Co-founder
"We were required by NASA to migrate our .gov domain to use DNSSEC and we were fortunate that Dyn Mana..."
Mark Sallee
Systems Administrator
"The additional layer of protection that Oracle Dyn offers, with its proactive detection and ability t..."
Flippie Odendal
Managing Director

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