"If you have a question, you get a specific answer, not just some standard answer. With our previous p..."
Ivo Teel
Vice President of Technology
"We heard great things about the services, performance and the people who work at Dyn, We’re happy to..."
Aaron Peters
Co-founder & CEO
"The main area in which the Dyn Portal assists us is the speed with which we can create new subdomains..."
Steve Beard
International Head of Development
"Reliability and scalability-wise, Dyn has been great for us. While we’re never going to stop DDoS att..."
Mert Sevinc
Internal Operations Manager
"We found that it was the most trusted solution available for managed DNS services. They made a dedica..."
Brandon Mason
VP of Technology,AudienceScience
"You don’t get the level of granularity with other companies that you do with Dyn. I can balance traff..."
Jerome Ibanes
Infrastructure Architect and Senior System Administrator
"Dyn helped replace our old DNS provider and scaled with us as our traffic grew by leaps and bounds...."
Jacob Krall
Performance Engineer
"We chose Dyn because of their reputation for developing superior service offerings...."
Michael Luu
Director of MIS
"With our zone files and information from our existing DNS providers, Dyn’s implementation team helped..."
Anant East
Head of Architecture and Infrastructure
"We haven't had any service interruptions since we moved to Dyn, and that's key...."
Michael Douds
Divisional Vice President, Technical and Web Services
"The Oracle Dyn platform is unbelievably intuitive, simple to set up and easy to use. I couldn’t belie..."
Tom Higgins
Chief Executive Officer
"There was very little a company like Return Path could actually do on my behalf, whereas Oracle Dyn h..."
Lyell Petersen
Travel Agency’s Director of Web Services
"There is support around both systems and we haven’t had any issues. We’re confident and love using bo..."
Anton Resnick
CEO, webhostingnet
"We have to prove our availability and security every day to the customers who have put their trust in..."
Yursil Kidwai
VP of Technology
"The top benefits of using Dyn Managed DNS? The support from the Dyn team, the maturity and reliabilit..."
Jon Holmes
Director of Information Technology
"[Oracle Dyn Web Application Security] is definitely one of the higher-performing solutions in this sp..."
Jason Gonsalves
Security Architect and Manager

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