"Adding Dyn on as our secondary DNS provider was seamless, and Dyn’s support has been excellent. Overa..."
Priyanka Damwani
Manager, Channel Marketing
"They also offer a true anycast network, which other companies might say they do but do not...."
Mike Rembetsy
VP of Technical Operations
"Dyn helped replace our old DNS provider and scaled with us as our traffic grew by leaps and bounds...."
Jacob Krall
Performance Engineer
"Every bit of our technology is being routed through Dyn...."
Mark Paone
VP of Platform Engineering
"We don’t do anything without testing first. [With Dyn], we were able to get in and try the service. T..."
Andy Tomasello
Director of Operations
"We found that it was the most trusted solution available for managed DNS services. They made a dedica..."
Brandon Mason
VP of Technology,AudienceScience
"Everyone I know who has started working with Dyn is very happy with the price, service and results. B..."
Danny Tal
VP Sales and Business Development
"DNS is the doorway to our service. If DNS is unavailable, users can’t access our site – it is as simp..."
Jake Maizel
"We spend less money on infrastructure because we use Dyn. This allows us to focus on the intricacies..."
Mark Chapman
"We chose Dyn because of their reputation for developing superior service offerings...."
Michael Luu
Director of MIS
"When customers switch to us, they love us and never go back. We need to continue educating customers..."
Simon Wistow
Director of Engineering
"Innovative, customer centric with awesome, fun people. I go home at the end of the day and DNS/Globa..."
Kevin Duffey
VP, IT Operations at RichRelevance
"The full audit capability adds tremendous value when you have multiple teams managing the solution. I..."
Jeff Ramsey
Infrastructure Specialist
"There is support around both systems and we haven’t had any issues. We’re confident and love using bo..."
Anton Resnick
CEO, webhostingnet
"The additional layer of protection that Oracle Dyn offers, with its proactive detection and ability t..."
Flippie Odendal
Managing Director
"The top benefits of using Dyn Managed DNS? The support from the Dyn team, the maturity and reliabilit..."
Jon Holmes
Director of Information Technology

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