"From a mobile perspective, the cloud is a great fit. We have a lot of people traveling, a lot of peop..."
Alexander Lohr
IT Security Consultant, Department of Governance, Risk and Compliance
"My concern has always been that data needs to be protected, no matter where it resides. Druva is part..."
Jorge Mata
Chief Information Officer
"Druva is an effective solution that completely meets IT expectations without requiring user intervent..."
Rajesh Kumar Sharma
Assistant Manager
"The Druva interface is so easy to use, so intuitive. You don’t really need to have any training to kn..."
Martin Millward
IT systems professional
"With the [inSync] mobile app, our users have become less dependent on having their laptops around all..."
David Olbrys
Senior IT Projects Manager
"We have no help desk calls about lost files anymore. The time spent managing lost devices has reduced..."
Frank Allen
IT Director
"From a data availability perspective, Druva inSync is incredible...."
Patrick Burgess
IT and Communications Manager
"Druva inSync’s centralized deployment and secure backups keep users from losing confidential data. Th..."
Godwin Fernandes
Chief Technology Officer
"Our customers leverage us for our ability to identify and extend best-of-breed technologies to suppor..."
Mitch Cottrell
Chief Operating Officer
"If I had to recommend Druva to a peer, I would tell them to look at the security that Druva has to of..."
David Cordell
Chief Technology Officer
"Now my guys can spend their time doing more interesting stuff than patching servers and running aroun..."
Neil Bingham
Director of IT and Cloud Operations
"Druva is the perfect solution for protecting our mobile user's endpoint data...."
Thomas Eifert
RWTH Aachen University
"A file restore that previously may have taken a couple of hours, or even days, can now be completed i..."
Brian Bagwell
Director of IT - North America
"Our success with Druva has just been incredible. Even when there are network issues, it works flawles..."
Jake Bruner
Technology Services
"With inSync I can just walk in, administer backups based on the centralized administration and report..."
Dave Underwood
Principal IT Specialist Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
"My favorite thing about Phoenix is the simplicity. I love the console; it’s easy to get what you need..."
Adam Kailian
IT Systems Administrator

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