"Dropbox for Business is so reliably robust. I've been in the technology industry since the 1990s, and..."
Stephen Norris
VP of Operations for Language Resources
"A lot of our people are working 24/7 during international events. To have access to our file base rig..."
Jeff Smith
Managing Director of Events and Technology
"Dropbox for Business gives us a secure, unified place to store all of our work, and helps reverse the..."
Bill O'Donnell
Chief Architect and SVP of Mobile Products
"The sync capabilities and version control of Dropbox Business remove confusion when we collaborate, a..."
Will Schenk
"When building a new product, it’s easy to get lost in the amount of content being generated. But clie..."
Ben Schippers
"I’m dealing with thousands of files that are two to four gigabytes. Dropbox Business has enabled us t..."
Adam Montgomery
Senior Manager of Programming
"Having a collaborative tool like Dropbox Business allows us to focus on putting on a tight, amazingly..."
Holden Payne
Technical Director of Exhibition and Production
"Now that we have a tool that users know and love, we can start changing the way people work...."
Justin Simmons
IT Director
"We work from a shared folder and we can see when somebody else is modifying it, when it’s locked, whe..."
Nick Ward
Vice President of Digital Marketing
"Our designers and distributors work around the clock, from all different countries, and it’s really i..."
Andy Fallshaw
Co-Founder and CEO
"If you are looking for a reliable file server solution that at the same time enhances collaboration a..."
Markus Waitl
Web Developer
"Dropbox has the potential to be the glue in our ecosystem, connecting a number of those key business..."
Dominic Shine
Global Chief Information Officer
"Thanks to Dropbox's streamlined file sharing service, our teams are able to collaborate more effectiv..."
Clay Haeber
"People know how to use Dropbox. It’s easy. It’s intuitive. There are no installation problems, no acc..."
Tony Rehmer
Senior Vice President of Information Services
"A couple of years ago, a courier invoice for all the shipping we did over a four-month period would b..."
Ai Ando
Account Supervisor
"The way that Dropbox Business lets me work in different locations with all the documents I need right..."
Joann Chung
National Retail Leasing Coordinator

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