"We needed a globally scalable solution to optimize our communication channels between headquarters an..."
Kevin Lawrence
Project Manager
"SnapShot is the one application all Salesforce Administrators using Enterprise and Unlimited Edition..."
Lonnie Wills
VP Global Services, Astadia
"I run my global business on Carousel and I am just only scratching the surface with what Carousel can..."
Dean Robison
Vice President of Corporate Services, SalesForce.com
"We see the application [DreamTeam] as a huge strategic advantage as we continue down the road. There..."
Gary Owen
Director of IT, Lodgeworks
"Team utilization of DreamFactory solution exceeded our expectations. Its robust functionality and hig..."
Chip Tucker
VP Professional Services, pierbridge
"I especially like the ability to move field level security and page layout changes. This is so hard t..."
Phil Kramer
Sr. Salesforce Systems Administrator, Deltek
"With all the backend services exposed, and a REST API automatically generated, hooking up the front-e..."
Antony Smith
Technical Director
"DreamFactory streamlines everything and makes it easy to concentrate on building your frontend applic..."
Edo Williams
Product Manager
"We typically see a return for our clients nearing 30% in year one alone. Connectivity and seamless in..."
Amanda Campbell
Executive Vice-president
"Our research shows that chronic pain patients typically have a depreciated autonomic nervous system (..."
Philipps-University of Marburg
"Although our industries are likely very different, the fact remains that lots of mature industries su..."
Lee Quessenberr
"DreamFactory is far easier to use than < well known API Management provider >, and significantly less..."
Adam Dunn
"It is rare when a product this good comes along!..."
Rana Azeem
"I love not having to deal with the backend complexities of developing an API...."
Pugazendhi Asaimuthu
Wiz Systems
"DreamFactory lets us create, collect, aggregate and cloud-publish data from any device or machine, wi..."
Chris Tacke
Chief Technology Officer
"We think open standards are the best way to add industrial assets to the Internet of Things, so that..."
Nat Frampton
Chief Executive Officer

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