"We’re measuring cost savings in the preventive maintenance area. When we close our fiscal year, we no..."
Karen Hart
PMC Systems Administration/Data Specialist
"Not so much over the first year, but three to four years later you have a much more efficient operati..."
Ken Palas
Planner and Scheduler of the Maintenance Department
"The flexibility and depth of the iMaint software enables us to submit detailed cost information on a..."
Terri Stamey
Director of Human Resources
"The system gives us a strong audit trail, which helps us pull information for quarterly and annual St..."
Rhonda Sommer
Finance Director
"A citizen can easily inform the City of a need such as a stop light outage, pothole or missed garbage..."
Deborah Butler
MIS Director
"I hope to use iMaint Fleet to plan for fuel used during these outages so we will have enough on hand..."
Dan Walsh
Section Supervisor
"DPSI listens to our feedback and implements our suggestions...."
Mickey Reaves
"I always get great service form the Support Technicians. They always respond back to my questions in..."
John Hursong
WILD Flavors
"We use iMaint to track marine maintenance for about 600 different vessels or equipment at various sit..."
Troy MacNeill
Database Administrator
"We use PMC2000 for our smaller sites and iMaint for some of our larger sites for many years. Their pr..."
Clay S.
"DPSI’s customer service has been good for me. Calling is simple and you usually get someone quickly...."
Rick S.
"I found the entire training very useful […] I learned an ocean of knowledge! I’ve attended many softw..."
Cindy DeYoung
Central County Transportation Authority
"Sonoco used a quantitative process to compare iMaint against software from two other vendors. One of..."
Mike Chambers
Corporate Maintenance and Reliability Champion
"DPSI is much more than a software company. I have felt that DPSI looks farther beyond the point of sa..."
John Girouex
Decore-ative Specialties
"Pros: The best thing about this software is it's so quick and easy to use ... after you learn how all..."
Jim M.
Facilities Manager
"Pros: The PMC software is very user friendly, based on Microsoft Access. Our maintenance techs with li..."
Mark O.
Facilities Manager

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