"Domino makes our data science team more empowered and autonomous, so they can develop better models,..."
Rémi Gabillet
"Domino demonstrated its ability to fundamentally shift our productivity making what we were doing bef..."
Peter Tegelaar
Chief Data Scientist
"Domino helps us deliver more value to the business by putting more powerful tools in the hands of our..."
Sean Lensborn
"Domino exposed a lot of the higher computing options of AWS to the end users in a self-service way. T..."
Jinyoung Kim
Senior Vice President of Software Engineering
"Domino helps mitigate risk by not having to solely rely on humans to communicate, and simply capturin..."
Thomas Little
Global Head of Product Management
"You don’t have the usual difficulties of following a rigorous documentation program; you can just do..."
Michael Sinclair
Quantitative Analyst
"Domino makes me much more productive, letting me deliver projects that would normally take much more..."
Dustin Stansbury
Data Scientist
"Domino is helping us tackle problems we wouldn’t be able to otherwise...."
Subutai Ahmad
VP of Research
"Domino has allowed our quantitative researchers to scale-up our analysis faster and with less effort...."
Chad Wilsey
Director of Conservation Science
"Iterating on ideas faster speeds up the research process. Domino helps us more rapidly improve and de..."
Alexander Izydorczyk
Head of Data Science
"We immediately needed a platform where we could securely give volunteers access to whichever data we..."
Ruben van der Dussen
Director of Innovation Lab
"Domino has been a really ideal platform for providing a coherent, collaborative environment...."
Haile Owusu
Chief Data Scientist
"Working with Domino gives us the ability to fully leverage our core strengths of working with financi..."
Jacob Grotta
Managing Director of Risk and Finance Analytics
"Insurance is a heavily regulated environment. We can go back to any project at any point in time, see..."
Rick Bischoff
director of Data Science
"Domino has made it easier for users across the global enterprise, using different tools and with vari..."
Naveen Singla
Data Science Center of Excellence lead
"Data science has become a multi-language environment, and if you have Domino with these pre-prepared..."
Stephen Collins
Data Science Manager

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