"Domino makes our data science team more empowered and autonomous, so they can develop better models,..."
Rémi Gabillet
"Domino makes me much more productive, letting me deliver projects that would normally take much more..."
Dustin Stansbury
Data Scientist
"We've been able to bring models to production and automate more than 75,000 claims with only a few ex..."
David Jaw
Director of Data Science
"We’re streamlining the development and deployment of deep learning models to mitigate supply chain ri..."
Mike Johnson
Lead Data Scientist
"Domino demonstrated its ability to fundamentally shift our productivity making what we were doing bef..."
Peter Tegelaar
Chief Data Scientist
"With Domino, you’re able to set up an environment once and then share it and reuse it...."
Austin Marshall
Senior Staff Engineer
"We maintain partnerships with the majority of the major auto manufacturers, and we work with their fr..."
Chris Schron
Director of Data Science
"With Domino, we now have managed environments per project and we've pinned all of the different libra..."
Chris McPherson
Senior Data Scientist
"We immediately needed a platform where we could securely give volunteers access to whichever data we..."
Ruben van der Dussen
Director of Innovation Lab
"Iterating on ideas faster speeds up the research process. Domino helps us more rapidly improve and de..."
Alexander Izydorczyk
Head of Data Science
"Domino encourages us to experiment more. The more projects we can get through, the less time and effo..."
Amy Gu
Data Scientist
"Insurance is a heavily regulated environment. We can go back to any project at any point in time, see..."
Rick Bischoff
director of Data Science
"Our investment in Domino has led to a return of around 10x in terms of efficiency for our data scienc..."
Heidi Lanford
Vice President of Enterprise Data and Analytics
"We’ve announced a validated design in our Ready Solutions for AI portfolio using Domino’s new Kuberne..."
Storage Infrastructure and Solutions Group
"At KatRisk, our focus is on delivering the most accurate flood and wind risk models possible. Domino..."
Dag Lohman
"Data science has become a multi-language environment, and if you have Domino with these pre-prepared..."
Stephen Collins
Data Science Manager

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