"Switching to DigitalOcean allowed us to keep up with the pace of changing technology, where we could..."
Iouri Kostine
"Compose is in the business of excellent performance so we knew the way forward was to bring our auto-..."
Tim Yocum
Lead Operations Engineer
"The combination of competitive pricing,rapid provisioning APIs,amazing hardware,reliable VMs(Droplets..."
Scott Hankins
Co-Founder and CTO
"DigitalOcean has super fast support. We had somebody even in our Slack helping us. And you don’t norm..."
Justin Karneges
Founder and CEO
"Simplicity, transparency in pricing and spectacular support are the three key reasons why we use Digi..."
Arijit Lahiri
"We came to DigitalOcean out of a search for a solution that was high-performance enough to meet our n..."
Eric Hoppe
Director of Marketing
"DigitalOcean provides us simplicity and savings...."
Russell Bierschbach
Managing Partner
"Our hosting costs have decreased by over 90% and we’re running at about 25% of our capacity allowing..."
Jamie Druce
Senior Web Developer
"Spaces has given us the high scalability we need, allowing us to add and grow as much as we want, wit..."
David Waizer
Director of DevOps
"We see support for DigitalOcean Spaces as a strategic advantage for us and our user community as user..."
Philip Rosedale
Chief Executive Officer
"DigitalOcean does a great job of making sure that Droplets are available, and they respond to issues..."
Carlos Espejo
VP infrastructure
"It remains fascinating and truly exciting for me how much simpler managing and scaling ed-tech infras..."
Jim Groom
"Ghost(Pro) was migrated to DigitalOcean to enable on-demand scaling...."
Sebastian Gierlinger
Senior DevOps Engineer
"With DigitalOcean, we have been able to make scaling the technical infrastructure of our business cos..."
Rick O'Toole
Co-Founder and CTO
"We discovered DigitalOcean through our own community at Discourse; it's the best value and simplest s..."
Jeff Atwood
Co-Founder, Stack overflow
"Content Ignite now uses nearly all of DigitalOcean’s product offerings, but the object storage provid..."
Lee Groombridge
Chief Executive Officer

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