"Putting all of the accounting, tax, and fraud monitoring capabilities and infrastructure in place wou..."
Ed Kuhner
Vice President of Customer Experience
"As we evaluate new payment methods for inclusion in our service, we rely on Digital River to help us..."
Jarrod Voth
Treasurer and Sr. Director of Finance, WildTangent
"By working with a global ecommerce and payments leader like Digital River, we have a single integrati..."
Max Emilson
Director of Global Partner Solutions
"[Online chat] is a powerful way we can demonstrate our commitment to customer engagement and satisfac..."
Michael Butler
Director, Global Ecommerce VMware
"MarketForce is the single biggest contributor to our growth and success in ecommerce over the past fe..."
Nuance Communications
HR Manager
"MyCommerce deals with fraud detection and prevention. We don't have to worry about that...."
Alvin Estevez
Managing Member
"At Her Interactive, the user experience for our customers is paramount and the very intuitive process..."
Jared Nieuwenhuis
Director of Marketing, Her Interactive
"Digital River has worked in concert with our goals to grow our business in smart, secure and sustaina..."
Jonas Forsberg
VP of Global Online Sales and Marketing
"Working with the MarketForce team has completely transformed our digital marketing strategy. They've..."
Jennifer Prouty
Senior Ecommerce Manager
"Digital River is a good fit for software firms and branded manufacturers that want to get to market q..."
"What makes them the best partner is that they believe in a success-based model and are truly vested i..."
Dave Friedman
Director of Product Management
"We selected Digital River because they can help us gain added insights into our customers’ shopping b..."
Randall Price
"The Digital River and Mirum partnership was a critical factor in ensuring the Uplay Store redesign no..."
Jim Stone
Associate Director, Ecommerce
"Digital River had a solution to everything on our wish list. We understand their knowledge, combined..."
Mike Bross
"Digital River helped take our commerce strategy global in less than 60 days; that speed was remarkabl..."
Aqif Hassen
Senior Manager of Digital Strategy & Operations
"Digital River’s partnership allows us to offer our global SmugMug customers a seamless, localized exp..."
Ben MacAskill
President and Chief Operating Officer

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