"Data Virtualization has definitely met our expectations with our initial set of use cases, but also o..."
Masha Bykin
Data Development Lead, AAA
"The Denodo Platform will provide 350% ROI over 5 years and break even within 1.5 years of our initial..."
Chuck DeVries
VP Architecture and Development
"Our Denodo rollout was one of the easiest and most successful rollouts of critical enterprise softwar..."
Mastanpasha Shaik
Big Data Architect
"Data virtualization is the key feature that we utilized to develop a transformational and scalable an..."
Rick Hart
Director of Technology Solutions
"Our business moves at the speed of our customers, so our primary goal is to understand customer behav..."
Paul Balas
VP of Business Intelligence
"Denodo has provide us speed in our searches, has helped us extraordinarily increase the volume of tru..."
Diego Pérez
Systems Director
"Denodo Data Virtualization has afforded us the agility to build performance management dashboards acr..."
Paloma Perez Rios
Director of Customer Care
"Data Virtualization has doubled the number of BI projects we completed on time; as a Data Warehouse e..."
Wilson Hung
Director, Biogen Idec
"Denodo Data Virtualization provided Wolters Kluwer with an innovative, scalable platform to allow us..."
Guy Hanan
Data Conversion Manager
"Denodo helped us deliver real-time data from disparate sources which increased agent productivity by..."
"The Denodo Platform is at least three integration tools in one and likely more. We routinely discover..."
Daniel Young
Chief Data Architect
"We deployed the Denodo Platform to aid us in moving our data analytics platforms to the cloud, and De..."
Avinash Deshpande
Principal, Big Data and Analytics
"Denodo provides data virtualization technology that is core to our Data Services Layer to expose data..."
Large American Financial Holding Company
Chief Architect and Chief Data Officer
"Denodo is our main partner in the contact center as it enables high quality interactions and we have..."
Juan Manuel Monedero
Director of Customer Applications
"Our platform of data services shows a robust level of adoption and usage thanks to our data virtualiz..."
Leading Asset Management Firm
Manager of Application Architecture
"Denodo data virtualization has successfully enabled us to modernize our business from conventional pe..."
Mark Eaton
Enterprise Architect

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