"In my 4 years as CIO here at Molina, the best ROI of any technology investment that I’ve made has bee..."
Rick Hopfer
"Delphix has increased our output to the business by 20% leaving more time for innovation, which in tu..."
Toby Young
SCTO, City Index
"Delphix has enabled true Continuous Delivery, making us more competitive, improving the quality of ou..."
Marco Guadagnini
Operations Infrastructure Manager
"Reputation is the currency of research. Delphix Data as a Service allows us to release our data faste..."
Steven Newhouse
Head of Technical Services
"Our goal is to be a digital business, run by data-driven services. Delphix gets us there faster...."
Claudio Buoninconti
Head of Engineering and Development
"We’re seeing a lot of benefit in shortened delivery cycles, and this helps give us the confidence tha..."
Jason Anders
Technology Director
"There’s now a new level of optimism in the company that’s palpable...."
Mike Garcia
VP of Development Services
"Using data virtualization, we can go a hundred times quicker...."
Alex Braunegg
ANZ Bank
"We increased the velocity of our internal testing cycles—not only how quickly they went, but also the..."
Chris Kohl
Chief Information Officer
"The self-service capabilities of the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform and the resulting removal of bottl..."
Ken Piddington
"Innovation is the life-blood of our organization, Delphix has helped Trifecta significantly accelerat..."
Dave Young
"The product is doing exactly what they said it would. We didn’t think it was possible to do what Delp..."
Clean Harbors
"The impact of having Delphix cannot be minimized. The troubleshooting processes we utilized would hav..."
David W. Miller
"Delphix delivers the environments we need for Dev, Test, and QA to enable our Agile and DevOps method..."
Navdeep Kumar
Senior Director IT Infrastructure
"Delphix has increased our output to the business by 20%, leaving more time for innovation, which in t..."
Anup Anand
Database Director
"Delphix transforms how we use AWS and increases our development velocity. When we implemented the Del..."
Sai Adivi
Director of Application Development

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