"With Cassandra, we get better business agility, and we don’t have to plan capacity in advance, we don..."
Adrian Cockcroft
Cloud Architect
"We knew Cassandra could perform linear scaling of reads and writes with consistent performance...."
David Weinstein
Director of Software Development
"We really like the integration with Solr. We get the full redundancy that you’d expect out of Cassand..."
Scott McPheeters
Chief Security Officer and Manager of IT
"We evaluated DataStax vs. Riak, but it wasn’t even an interesting comparison to talk about. DataStax..."
Rich Sutton
Chief Technology Officer, Nexgate
"Years ago we had the vision that we would need multiple, physical locations, which is something we ar..."
Thomas Vachon
Principal Operations Architect, SessionM
"High availability with reliable performance is a big win for us. With DataStax Enterprise, our custom..."
Daniel Chia
Software Engineer
"This level of security ensures there’s no penetration of the systems. So we really have built an incr..."
Jason Atlas
VP Engineering & Technology
"We are handling millions of transactions and writes per second and can’t afford downtime or data loss..."
Gene Stevens
Co-Founder & CTO
"We developed a TCO calculator against Cassandra and HBase, and it was not even a close comparison. Ca..."
Praveen Kumar
Sr. Manager of Emerging Technologies & Platform
"With DataStax Enterprise, we can keep pace with the business without having to rearchitect the system..."
Graham Lammers
Director Product Development and Delivery
"The DataStax solution offers the ability to query the database in a number of ways, which can detect..."
Louis Le Compagnon
Head of the Development Center and Shared Architecture within the Networks Department
"We might have found another solution for the metadata storage, but I’m not sure what other approach b..."
Paddy Benson
VP of Engineering
"Our technical team piloted various databases, along with Hadoop, and found Cassandra to be the best f..."
Stavros Kontopoulos
Data Engineer
"We (ICE Data Services) compile quotes from almost every market in the world in near real-time and cre..."
Steve Hirsch
Chief Data Officer
"Our data was decentralized. It has therefore become indispensable to implement a customer master data..."
Jean-Charles Gemin
Head of the Big Data program
"Today, the console has over 60 million monthly active users. DSE has been able to handle the relentle..."
Multinational Electronics Company

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