"DataStax’s Cassandra-based platform helps us manage media and services for millions of users worldwid..."
Pat Doran
EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Synchronoss
"MongoDB versus Cassandra; for us Cassandra had a number of advantages operationally. It’s so much mor..."
Jon Haddad
Senior Architect, Shift
"Cassandra was initially of interest simply because of its scaling capabilities…we use it like a super..."
Chris Smith
Engineer, Chill.com
"High availability with reliable performance is a big win for us. With DataStax Enterprise, our custom..."
Daniel Chia
Software Engineer
"With Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise as our database infrastructure, we can not only scale b..."
Micky Csasznik-Shaked
Technology Lead
"DSE Search provides many options to query data like range queries, regular expression and non-equalit..."
Javed Roshan
Director of Data Services
"DSE allow us to focus on delivering an exceptional experience and value, while benefiting from DataSt..."
Rajay Rai
Digital Architect
"DataStax on Azure enables us to do everything we need, including near-real-time data processing and l..."
Sean Usher
Senior Software Engineer, Customer Fabrics Platform
"In terms of load, we’re handling about 400,000 write requests per second with DataStax Enterprise on..."
Anubhav Kale
Senior Software Engineer, Customer Fabrics Platform
"We developed a TCO calculator against Cassandra and HBase, and it was not even a close comparison. Ca..."
Praveen Kumar
Sr. Manager of Emerging Technologies & Platform
"We have experienced a tremendous response from customers as the Family Tree application exploded in p..."
Michael Nelson
Software Development Manager
"DSE has been running very smoothly since the very beginning. It’s been so quiet that we have not had..."
Keith Willard
Chief Architect
"Now we are creating many other digital products that are creating irresistible customer experiences...."
Ray Bajaj
Head of Architecture, Shared Services, and Garage Engineering
"We might have found another solution for the metadata storage, but I’m not sure what other approach b..."
Paddy Benson
VP of Engineering
"We (ICE Data Services) compile quotes from almost every market in the world in near real-time and cre..."
Steve Hirsch
Chief Data Officer
"With Cassandra, it managed to handle the load, it’s very reliable, it allows range queries without li..."
Andres Rangel
Senior Software Development Lead

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