"We have to be ready for disaster recovery all the time. It’s really great that Cassandra allows for a..."
Technical Architect
"MongoDB versus Cassandra; for us Cassandra had a number of advantages operationally. It’s so much mor..."
Jon Haddad
Senior Architect, Shift
"DataStax Enterprise translates to lower total cost for us to deliver our system over time and more ag..."
Steve Nathan
"Cassandra provides a straightforward way to basically grow without limit...."
Curtis Lacy
VP of Technology, Engine
"We needed to be able to quickly expand our storage and store this data in real-time without any bottl..."
Jesse Young
VP of Software Development, Zonar Systems
"High availability with reliable performance is a big win for us. With DataStax Enterprise, our custom..."
Daniel Chia
Software Engineer
"With DataStax Enterprise, we can keep pace with the business without having to rearchitect the system..."
Graham Lammers
Director Product Development and Delivery
"With DataStax Enterprise, Condé Nast is able to leverage the insights from multi-variate testing to n..."
Antonino Rau
Director of Data Engineering and Intelligence
"One of the things I don't worry about at night anymore is a 10x growth in the catalog. We can easily..."
Peter Connolly
Senior Architect
"With Cassandra, it managed to handle the load, it’s very reliable, it allows range queries without li..."
Andres Rangel
Senior Software Development Lead
"The new generation of products is our answer to the increasing requirements of our customers in the a..."
Bernd-Otto Wolf
Information Fusion Systems Product Manager
"In the past, the company started using NoSQL solutions and we were all about relational databases…we..."
Gilberto Müller
Product Owner NoSQL
"Migrating away from the mainframe we had was challenging, but we saw huge benefits around delivering..."
Rune Birkemose Jakobsen
Development Manager
"The change here was a big shift in mindset for the team, and we looked at other local organisations t..."
Brian Nielsen
Lead Software Architect
"I was really impressed by the progress DataStax had made in just a short time in making Cassandra mor..."
Matt Stump
CTO, SourceNinja
"MissionGraph™ is a powerful and innovative open-architecture platform for making sense of messy data..."
Adam Judelson
Vice President of Product, Marketing and Sales

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