"We really like the integration with Solr. We get the full redundancy that you’d expect out of Cassand..."
Scott McPheeters
Chief Security Officer and Manager of IT
"DataStax provides a valuable tool for storing large quantities of data that don’t fit in memory, but..."
Paul Lathrop
Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Krux
"With a conventional database, we’d have to be really in the trenches, or completely re-architecting h..."
Harry Robertson
Tech lead
"We knew that being able to serve and process this amount of data on the fly was going to take somethi..."
Mike McCarthy
CTO, SkillPages
"DataStax’s Cassandra-based platform helps us manage media and services for millions of users worldwid..."
Pat Doran
EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Synchronoss
"Relational databases were unable to implement the technology and applications we needed...."
Brett Lawrence
Lead Engineer
"High availability with reliable performance is a big win for us. With DataStax Enterprise, our custom..."
Daniel Chia
Software Engineer
"When speed, scalability, and ease of use are all critical, DataStax is better than any other database..."
Tianqiang Liu
Co-founder & VP of Engineering
"We developed a TCO calculator against Cassandra and HBase, and it was not even a close comparison. Ca..."
Praveen Kumar
Sr. Manager of Emerging Technologies & Platform
"Cassandra gives us a level of trust that we won’t lose data. If there are bugs or crashes, we are con..."
Axel Liljencrantz
Backend Engineer
"As a company, we have an audacious goal to improve healthcare for everyone. New technologies will be..."
Mohammad Khodadadi
Director of Data & AI Cognition
"We needed an application that was entirely reliable and not vulnerable to unplanned outages because o..."
Salil Sinha
Vice President, IT Systems
"With DataStax Enterprise, Condé Nast is able to leverage the insights from multi-variate testing to n..."
Antonino Rau
Director of Data Engineering and Intelligence
"We might have found another solution for the metadata storage, but I’m not sure what other approach b..."
Paddy Benson
VP of Engineering
"Our technical team piloted various databases, along with Hadoop, and found Cassandra to be the best f..."
Stavros Kontopoulos
Data Engineer
"Today, the console has over 60 million monthly active users. DSE has been able to handle the relentle..."
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