"The speed of the platform is its strength where it can generate results in less than an hour, instead..."
Kwek Ee Ling
Actuarial Senior Manager
"DataRobot is able to automate the analysis and it comes with a wide variety of machine learning model..."
Moo Suh Sin
"DataRobot is unchartered territory for healthcare. A lot of people use the buzzwords of predictive an..."
Erin Sullivan
Executive Director of Information Systems and Software Development
"The more loans that are repaid, the more we can fund loans for new people, and that's really life cha..."
Julia Kurnia
Founder and Director
"The great thing about DataRobot is that the only thing now limiting the models we build is our imagin..."
Brian Johnson
VP Product and Operations
"We know part of the science and the heavy lifting are intrinsic to the DataRobot technology. Prior to..."
Nick Bequary
SVP, Business Development
"When we’re able to get rid of the repetitive and laborious tasks in a modeling process, we can free o..."
Andrew Greenhut
Senior Data Scientist
"At LendingTree, we recognize that data is at the core of our business strategy to deliver an exceptio..."
Akshay Tandon
Vice President of Strategy and Analytics
"We use DataRobot to make billions of predictions...."
Healthcare Analytics Firm
Vice President
"DataRobot gives you all the tools you need. It will democratize machine learning across the whole bus..."
Pardeep Bassi
Head of Data Science
"For end users who don’t have as much experience working in R or Excel, integrating our DataRobot pred..."
Paden Goldsmith
Assistant Director of Strategic Data Analysis
"Since we were limited in resources, we needed a solution like DataRobot to help us leverage the insig..."
Hiselgis Perez
Associate Vice President
"What DataRobot allows them to do is a lot of the same things automatically, and they can focus their..."
Anton Ovchinnikov
Distinguished Professor of Management Analytics
"Trifacta and DataRobot have helped reduce our feature engineering to model deployment from weeks to d..."
Harrison Lynch
Senior Director of Product Development
"By integrating aspects of machine learning across all of our daily processes, we’re changing the way..."
Julien Boulenger
Director of Innovation & Data
"The students are very, very impressed when they first see DataRobot. All of them have tried applying..."
Anton Ovchinnikov
Visiting Professor

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