"One of the challenges and opportunities with the Internet of Things is that there has been an explosi..."
Brandon Bunker
Senior Director of Customer Analytics and Intelligence, Vivint
"Timely decisions are a key component to our business and with our legacy tools, our business analysts..."
Mike Diliberto
"A tool like Datameer is the future of law enforcement...."
Andrew Arena
Executive Director
"It’s not just one use case, but a lot of little ones added up together that makes Datameer valuable...."
Madeline Schiappa
Data Scientist
"With Datameer, we can analyze our web access logs and see which landing pages and referrals gives us..."
Janne Keskitalo
Senior Architect
"We had waiting times of five weeks, six weeks, seven weeks for people to be able to get their aggrega..."
Charlie Crocker
Business Analytics Program Lead
"Using Datameer, Sears can develop in 3 days interactive reports that used to take IT 12 weeks...."
Phil Shelley
Former CTO
"I think the exciting thing about this project is that we went into this five seconds down, not even c..."
Sky Christopherson
Team Professional Trainer
"Datameer allowed us to have data behind the decisions we need to make...."
Lukas Kinduris
Business Intelligence Manager
"One of the biggest challenges we had was finding a big data solution that would allow us to integrate..."
Diarmuid Thoma
Director of Fraud & Data Strategy, Trustev
"The native habitat of analysts is spreadsheets. To have an analyst in all their glory they have to be..."
Drew Leamon
Director, Advanced Technology Solutions
"Our researchers and analysts don’t want to write code or have to rely on system developers to do thei..."
Dmitry Samosseiko
Director of Global Threat Research
"With Datameer, researchers can analyze the complete, raw genomic data sets of multiple patients in pa..."
German Cancer Research Center
"We purchased Datameer and Hadoop to solve an initial data problem we had and since then we've solved..."
Matt Hawkins
Global Data Integration, Infrastructure Manager
"Datameer Flipside provides an instant profile of our data which makes our data preparation process th..."
Simon Kronseder
Head of Marketing

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