"Datahug gives us insight into engagement around our customers and prospects, along with actions to im..."
Chad Burmeister
VP Sales & Marketing
"Without Datahug, we wouldn't have been able to move our deals as quickly through the pipeline...."
Troy Anderson
VP, Global Inside Sales
"When I introduced Datahug to the management team they were stunned at how easy it was to quickly unde..."
Carl Hardel
Director of Sales Operations, Catalyst Systems
"Datahug provides over 97% of the contacts within our CRM. Now we know who to contact at any account t..."
Yaz Omar
CPSG Partners
"Datahug gives me complete visibility of all communications and relationships across our portfolio of..."
Robert Daly
"Datahug is an ideal prospecting and networking solution for us as it provides visibility to connectio..."
John L. Di Carlo
Managing Partner
"As a sales leader, knowing objectively what deals are progressing in the pipeline enables me to know..."
Carter Perez
VP, WW Sales
"Datahug reveals those influencer relationships and helps us make sure we maximize the chances of winn..."
Justin Hoffman
SVP Business Development & CMO
"Datahug helped us progress a deal the first day we installed it. It was early enough so we were able..."
Dan Ross
Director, Customer Strategy & Operations
"The beauty of Datahug is that it gives insights on the first day of use. No other software we've used..."
Brendan Foster
Partner, Grant Thornton
"Every Sales Ops Manager out there should look to Datahug to fill the gap between what's in CRM and th..."
Jeremy Malander
Head of Sales Operations
"The Datahug integration into our CRM was very seamless. It was fast, pain free, frictionless. It was..."
RJ Vissers
VP, Enterprise Sales & Field Operations, Coupa
"Datahug helps us create accurate activity reports, predict our revenue number, and it helps each sale..."
Mike Smalls
Founder and CEO
"Datahug helps us remove risks because we constantly have a pulse on what’s happening in the business...."
Eileen Treanor
Chief Financial Officer
"Datahug showed us 150 connections at a firm we wanted to sell to...."
Oliver O'Connor
Director, Head of Business Development
"Introducing Datahug helped us get significant additional value from our CRM. We get the real-time rel..."
John Gray
Director of Technology and Operations

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