"Airbnb is a data-informed company, and [the Datadog and PagerDuty] combination gives us the ability t..."
Dave Augustine
Engineering Manager
"Datadog takes care of the complex task of managing a metrics back-end. Instead of figuring out how an..."
Arup Chakrabarti
Head of Operations Engineering
"A lot of the kinds of things we had to watch for were hard to monitor. Now, when we need to set a new..."
Kiril Savino
Chief Technology Officer
"Datadog is the right tool for monitoring and managing the RPC OpenStack infrastructure. I’m pleased w..."
Chris Snell
Manager of Technical Operations
"This is how easy it should be for developers to gain meaningful insight into how changes in software..."
Eric Lubow
CTO and Co-Founder
"All our jobs emit Datadog events. This helps us gauge performance. If we need to fix something this h..."
Gna Phetsarath
Director of Technology, Sociocast
"At the end of the day, we are not running a metrics business over here so if I can get the monitoring..."
Mark Chadwick
"I always have Datadog up on a daily basis to debug issues with integrations or just to make sure that..."
Ciara Kennedy
Platform Engineer, VistarMedia
"Datadog is significantly more reliable than our previous setup was, and allows us to monitor things w..."
David Buonasera
Chief Technology Officer
"We’re using the Amazon integration and native MySQL metrics to build a comprehensive Aurora dashboard..."
Justin Hennessy
Vice President of Engineering
"Continuous deployment has been great. Our developers really love it. They just merge and they go on w..."
Mia Henderson
Site Reliability Engineer
"Since we’ve brought Datadog on board, we’ve reduced our Mean Time to Acknowledgment of incidents to j..."
Paul Whyte
Engineering Manager - DevOps
"Datadog allows us to know when there is an issue with a particular segment of the website, how our cu..."
Nick Vecellio
Staff Engineer
"One thing that I really liked about moving from essentially nothing to Datadog, was the fact that we..."
Johan Mjones
Senior Software Engineer
"Kong is the leading open source API management platform, and since Datadog is the leading cloud monit..."
Cooper Marcus
Director of Ecosystem
"Our technology strategy boils down to how fast we can empower our engineers to focus on building high..."
Garrett Plasky
Technical Operations Manager

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